May 24 2017

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Trump is a sociopath and the World’s Biggest Liar. This explains who he is.  I regret I ever had a good thought about him. His deceptions were and are a great smoke screen to disguise a completely soul less sociopath.  I humbly realize now, that I was so wrong in my early beliefs, that Trump could possibly lead the country in a better direction, but he is leading this country to ruin. The Republicans are his mindless minions, slashing and burning healthcare,public education, work place  and environmental safety for all Americans, slashing and burning all social programs . This is proof that Trump and the Republicans are complete sociopaths.

I do  not praise Democrats by damning Trump. Their deceit and globalist treason proves they are unfit for office.  We must now understand the truth about Trump and that is, he is a pathological liar.  I was first surprised at what hatred there was for Trump during the election. I was overwhelmed by the hypocrisy of the Establishment Left and Right, and why they were against Trump so vehemently , even though Hillary was such a corrupt and deeply flawed candidate.

After seeing the last few days of Trump Tripping around the world, I realized that Trump is not just a pathological liar, but he is the world’s #1 pathological liar.  He is the” Great Deceiver.” My heartfelt sympathy goes out to all of his steadfast supporters, who still believe he is truthful and an honest, and moral leader.  Maybe they don’t read or listen to political news, or maybe they refuse to listen to anything anyone says against Trump.  Trump and his Republican Ilk, are icons of society’s destruction. They are at war with themselves and the vast majority of Americans as they approve of all Trump’s foreign interventions and insane, and heartless domestic policies of  decimating Medicaid, Social Security Disability . and public education. The vast majority of Trump supporters are dependent upon all of these social safety net programs. Donald Trump lied to the American people about “non  intervention” in foreign countries and wars.  He has instigated an undeclared war with Syria, and soon to be with No.Korea.  Nothing Donald Trump says or promises is real. He is the ultimate liar, cheat ,thief, traitor and murderous tyrant we were all warned about, with proven ties to Russian financial and political influences in his businesses and his presidential campaign.

My greatest wish for this year is that Trump is Impeached and  arrested before the end of this year. If he is not , then he will lead us into war and the destruction of our economy, and the death and  destruction of all Middle and lower income Americans, from lack of healthcare, employment, and any and all public safety nets. He and his billionaire buddies are salivating for the opportunity to  plunder the entire U.S Treasury, all while Trump distracts the public and plunges the  nation into nuclear war , or civil war brought on by his insanity.  His only defenders will be NeoCons and Nazis, hysterically crazed Christians, racists and hate mongers, who think Trump is Satan, and will bring about the Tribulation, and Jesus will save them all, after Trump destroys the rest of the world around them.

I fell for Trump’s campaign lies for a short while, because the lies from Hillary and the Democrats were even greater. I wanted a true social and economic revolution that would benefit all Americans, but all we got was a sack of lying shit named Donald Trump. I believe God has a plan for Donald Trump, and it isn’t a good one.  Trump will be impeached, or the U.S will become engulfed in a Civil War. I am preparing myself for this war, because I and millions of other Americans hate Donald Trump for what he is, and has proven himself to be, by his leading the country into destruction. We must insist that Congress continues their investigation of Trump, and bring Impeachment charges against him.  If they do not, then they will be considered cowards or cronies . Either of these are unacceptable. They and we are either dancing with the devil, or viciously fighting to defeat him.

L.A. Steel


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