May 21 2017

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impeach donald dump now 2017

Donald Dump visited Saudi Arabia this weekend and gave the most sickening , whining, hypocritical speech ever given by a U.S President. Only Melenia and Ivanka were watching their husband and father intently as he drooled at the podium, as all eyes on CSPAN saw the Saudis rolling their eyes in disbelief and disgust at what a hypocritical sellout Trump really is, as he drooled his speech about religious unity and how he as St. Donald Dump would save the world. This guy is the world’s greatest asshole!  I was so appalled by the absolute stupidity, deceit, and gaul of Donald Dump, to make his first foreign visit speech , to Saudi Arabia, the official sponsor of the 911 attack, and all other Muslim terror groups. I could not watch the entire speech without fear of severe nausea. Knowing President Dump sold the Saudis $110 billion dollars in weapons and the Saudis gave $100 million dollars to Ivanka Trump’s foundation. What difference is there between Hillary Clinton’s Saudi Treason and Donald Dump’s Saudi Treason?

The Saudis must be having a national laughing fit watching Donald Dump give a salivating  speech of religious and secular unity in the Middle East , while U.S Troops are slaughtering innocent men women and children in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and over 100 other undeclared wars and revolutions around the world.  Donald Dump is without peer as the greatest lying, loser of all time. Even the worst dictators in history were more honest. Everyone knows or knew what they are, Donald Dump is in complete denial of what he is, and is far more frightening than any historical dictator, because he doesn’t tell anyone the truth about anything, and can not take or accept advice from anyone but his daughter and her mute husband, while she’s sitting on Daddy Donald Dump’s lap.

I gave up on Donald Dump and pray to Allah, God, Buddha and every other prophet and deity, that Donald Dump be impeached and removed from office within the next 100 days. If Americans do not demand the Impeachment of Donald Dump, he will destroy what little integrity and honor Americans have left in the world if Donald Trump is allowed to remain in office for the next three years.

L.A. Steel

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