Feb 14 2008

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Blue Skies


Today the skies above me were blue until 11:00 AM. I almost forgot what blue skies looked like. Then the god damned planes started spraying their chemtrails again, and the brilliant blue skies turned into a hazy blue. The sun and sky are still fighting to keep some semblence of clarity and health in the atmosphere, but they are loosing the battle.

It is a cold February day in NW Connecticut, but the brilliant sun was shining this morning and the radiant, brilliant, blue sky warmed me in ways far beyond a physical sensation. I felt spiritually alive for the first time in weeks. I felt renewed and invigorated seeing the brilliant blue sky and golden white sun. It was a spiritual and primordial experience, that created a vibrancy everywhere around me. As I got in my car this morning the sun shone through the window as a laughing friend, and the ice that glistened on the trees and ground were dazzling displays of natural perfection.

The deep brown of the bark on the many trees surrounding my home showed health and vibrance in winter dormancy. The crisp crunch of ice beneath my feet sounded like a thousand symphonies carried by the brisk wind to wake the world. “This is what a Connecticut winter should look like !” I said to myself. This is the brilliance and beauty that captured the eyes and hearts of so many artists, and writers and musicians who reside here. This is the kind of day that created the Hudson School, and keeps this corner of the planet memorialized in paintings and photographs. The beauty of our blue skies and brilliant sun are at serious risk. Four hours of this day the sky was it’s truest blue, and the sun was it’s purest golden white. It is a memory now, as the barium bleeding chemtrails cover the blue, and veils the sun with a filmy gause . I know this world his dying. I know that I am aging. I know so well my hatred of mad pilots flying insidious machines stealing my God Given Right to the free blue skies and brilliant sunlight that are mankind’s connection to infinity.


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