Apr 08 2017

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What does Jared Kushner and Ivanka do in the Trump Administration? What kind of advice do they possibly give Dear Dad Donald in running the U.S Government? Neither have any experience in government and neither does Donald Trump. It appears that Jared is pushing his way into the Oval Office by pushing aside Steve Bannon, and sits behind the desk when  Dad in Law isn’t around. What does he Jared really do? What does Ivanka do besides looking pretty and sitting next to Dad during his meetings?  These two are like Trump’s bookends, and seem to do nothing other than prop up Trump at state dinners. Jared Kushner looks like a young college intern who doesn’t shave yet. Has he ever really achieved anything without Daddy in Law’s money, or his own Father, who spent a few years in prison for embezzlement for running a crooked investment fund.

My bias may be somewhat slanted towards independent professionals in all areas of legal, marketing, accounting, and hands on operation of daily business operations. I have owned and managed several businesses and do so now. I can understand the need for trusting those around me, however running the Federal Government cannot be done by the advice of family advisers, who know nothing about the issues facing the President of the U.S. The attack on Syria appears to have been provoked by Trump’s emotional response to the chemical attack on children.  Interfering in the Syrian conflict against Assad and the Russians, places Trump and the U.S in a dangerous position, and appeases the Clinton supporters and the war hawks in Congress.  By attacking Syria, Trump has betrayed his supporters, who voted for him in part because of his stance on non intervention in the Middle East conflicts. His impulsive attack on Syria is a blatant example of Pro Rebel , Pro ISIS support.  Yes Assad and Russia lied about chemical weapons, but rather than condemning the chemical attack in the media and the UN, Trump attacked a sovereign country, without any provocation to the U.S. This is no different than what G.W Bush and G.H.W. Bush did in the Iraq War and the Gulf War. Trump has proved himself to be no better than those War Criminal Presidents

In the last 60 days of his administration, Trump has contradicted almost all of his campaign promises, and created a void of confidence between him and his most ardent supporters. Is Trump really just another Hillary and Deep State Puppet like Obama ? It appears that he is.  I can only imagine what happened yesterday at the summit meeting with the leader of China. I’m afraid nothing happened at the meeting. They left each other with big smiles and handshakes, and said they hope to work with each other, (before Trump launches nukes against North Korea.) We have to wonder if Jared and Ivanka advised Daddy about Chinese relations, since they know as little about China as they do about Syria and the Middle East.  Trump should have left them in New York selling dresses, perfume, and real estate, and writing pro Trump op eds in Jared Kushner’s self owned New York Observer newspaper.

L.A. Steel




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