Apr 10 2017

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Donald Trump is a Cripto Fascist Globalist and The “Great Deceiver”



Americans have been deceived again, by a globalist fascist . Hillary was everything that Americans hate, but Trump is proving himself to be everything the world hates. He is a power crazed addict ready to bring the world to war. All of his military advisers are having an orgy of power and lust for war and world domination. There is no difference between Donald Trump and all the war mongering presidents who preceded him.  All news now is fake, all news is promoting war with Syria and No.Korea.

The sounds and shouts are identical to those made by the Bush regime prior to and during the Iraq and Afghanistan invasions, all based on False Flag Operations designed to lead Americans into war.  There will be no peace under the Trump administration. There will be no prosperity for Americans only for the billionaires and trillionaires. I despise what the Democrats did with Hillary , but realize now that they are as deceitful and ruthless, and brainless as the Republicans and Donald Trump. The Trump betrayal to his supporters will lead to the shortest presidential administration in history. 90 Days of Trump deception is more than enough to understand the true character of this man.  Those who saw through him early on were correct. The impersonation of Trump by Alec Baldwin on SNL is far more accurate of Trump than I first gave him credit for.

America is ruled by the Deep State, and Donald Trump is a great deceiver.  I am deeply concerned as a political writer and patriotic American, that America is in the worst place we have been since WWII, and Trump and his Generals have been preparing for this moment , since they first took power.  Unless Americans wake up and demand Trump’s impeachment , we will be recklessly spinning into global conflicts with Russia and China, North Korea, and in the Middle East.  I will never accept his side kick Mike Pence either.  They gained power through complete deception and they must be exposed and deposed as the liars and fascists they really are.

L.A. Steel



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