Apr 06 2017

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American and World Outrage at Syria for Killing Children but No Reaction to Israel Killing Palestinian Children



The recent American and World Wide reaction to the chemical weapons used on Syrians and ISIS comes at a time when all seems forgotten about the Israeli war against Gaza in Palestine, and the hundreds of Palestinian children murdered by the Israeli bombings. The following horrendous photographs of children’s corpses blown to bits by Israeli bombs is a hateful and horrid reminder of the millions of innocent children and parents, who are murdered in occupations and insurgencies around the world , many of them sponsored by the U.S . The photographs of dead Syrian children are just more maniacal, murderous, examples of Americans and Russians, Israelis, and all their allies, who destroy, conquer and colonize, without remorse or regret. They only are concerned with the monetary gains of corporations and megalomaniacs, who have no understanding, respect or compassion for humanity, or any animal or eco system, except themselves.

ISIS in retaliation of it’s recent losses in the current Syrian onslaught have executed 33 civilians.  We are dealing with demons on both sides of the conflict. Horrible , painful deaths of the most innocent, are a plague upon the soul of Humanity. Child deaths from war, starvation, murder , abuse and neglect are rampant world wide. Nations capable of these most horrendous crimes against humanity have no right to demand war and genocide against any nation or race of people. National self defense is understood by all as a necessity of all countries, but what possible danger did the dead children in the following pictures from Gaza, and starving children from other world conflicts, ever pose on those individuals and counties who murder them or starve them?

Further violent retaliation against Syria or the rebels, or ISIS is only more of the same, which will result in more civilian and child murders. Peace can only be had by the eradication of all financial, military and weapons support to ISIS and the Rebels ; until they dry up as withered skeletons and dissipate into oblivion.  More death and violent acts of aggression will only prolong the suffering of the Syrian and Iraqis people currently under siege by ISIS. In the Middle East where Muslims, Christians and Jews have fought each other for two thousand years, someone could rationally believe, that some of these faithful followers of either religion would see, read, hear, and understand by now, that the One God of all three religions condemns by his commandments, murder, theft, hatred, and war.

L.A. Steel

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This is why I am going to be a missionary.mother

Although food distribution is also an issue, this is a bigger one. This is also why the "animal activists don't care about people" stereotype needs to stop. We care, do you? #goveganA starving Somali child is given water in Baidoa.


Poverty. No, not in Africa. Across the street. Mass murder in our name, solely for commercial gain. Enough!

 Photos by https://www.pinterest.com/pin/275915914641024822/
and http://www.vtjp.org/background/imagesgaza.php
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