Apr 04 2017

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“Benedict Bernie” Sanders and “Pocahontas Liz” Warren Can’t Save The Democrat Party



The two biggest political traitors are now together again trying to resurrect the Democrat / Liberal / Loser / Party.  These two have done more in the last year, to disgust every Liberal with integrity in the country. Benedict Bernie realizes he could be President today had he had any guts, or stood for anything except money and ego. $220 million taken from his supporters , $120 million campaign expenses. $100 million was Bernie’s take home pay.  He enjoyed prancing around the country , laughing behind his bald headed grin at the poor , pathetic conditions of so many Americans, who desperately wanted to believe their lives could get better, and dream for their children’s future. Bernie’s  Revolution is another Vermont, Independent, Democratic Dean like, Rape and theft of  Liberals in America, who believe in anti war, anti poverty, pro universal healthcare, pro environmental preservation, pro Cannabis Legalization, Pro Public Banking, Anti Federal Reserve, Anti Israel, Anti Nuclear Weapons, Anti Nuclear Power, Pro Public Education, Pro Free College Education, Pro Union, Anti Big Pharma, Anti Monsanto, Anti Dupont, Anti Bill Gates, Anti Corporate Oligarchy, Anti Goldman Sachs , anti Citibank and  anti Wells Fargo,  Anti Citizens United, Anti Congressional, Supreme Court and Presidential corruption and stupidity.

Benedict Bernie and Pocahontas Liz are asking all intelligent, sane , Liberal, Americans to trust them again. Send money to them again. Like them again on Face Book, attend their pathetic rallies and town hall meetings, listen to their bullshit on how they can save the Democrat Party and all Liberal Loving Americans. These two are as delusional as Hillary and Bill Clinton, and all their insane Pussycrat followers, who think they will  be trusted with power again, when they are despised by hundreds of millions of Americans, who want to see them imprisoned for life.  Bernie and Liz are wallowing in self delusion and so is anyone who follows them.

Their is no redemption for the Democrat Party , after the 2016 election, and the Republican Party has no concept of redemption in its party bylaws.  It’s work Americans to death , then send to slaughter, nothing for no one but the wealthy, eugenics is endorsed by both parties with mass assaults against Americans in their education, healthcare, food, financial security, work places ,and living environments, health and work safety restrictions and bans on travel or on gun ownership. Both political parties are allowing Big Food, Big Pharma and Big Tobacco and Alcohol industries licences to murder or disable the minds and bodies of millions of Americans and future generations.  Americans have lost the war for their freedom, by giving up our freedom to be controlled by a ‘selected” government.  It is time for all Americans to hold self respect and integrity as virtues not vices. We as a people and nation are forced to choose the “lesser of two evils” , because we no longer have the interest, commitment, or capacity, to demand our rights and our government back from the Black Powers that have taken it from us.

Benedict Bernie and Pocahontas Liz should ride into the sunset together, never to be seen or heard from again, and let a new real political party rise, to represent the true minds and souls of Liberal Americans. What good has  the Democrat or Republican Party  done for Americans, in the last 5 decades? Civil Rights, Medicare and Social Security, national road and infrastructure building and repair, the WPA, were established prior to the 1970s, wars were not stopped, nor was death and famine, epidemics and natural disasters. Medicine has cured more diseases , yet technology has destroyed many  lives through more efficient weapons of mass destruction.

It is time for new leadership, without hypocrisy or delusion. We must follow a new direction and establish a new government of people determined to bring  compassion, intelligence, industry, health, prosperity and happiness, to all Americans.  We can not stray or be distracted by delusions created by famous politicians or the media. We must stay focused on advancing the light of our great vision, upon the shadows of all who suffer without hope, or live in the darkness of prevailing evil and destruction, and walk in death.   This is not the destination of Americans or Mankind.  Our destiny is to laugh , play, sing and dance our way, while playing the drums and instruments we choose, to create perfect melody and harmony, as we lead or follow each other on our march to a more “perfect union” and new government.

L.A. Steel



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