Feb 08 2017

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There are a few Senators that need to be ordered to “shut up”. Elizabeth Warren is the first and foremost shrill in the Senate. Her voice crackles and screeches, as her never ending redundancy must be considered the Godzilla Screech, whenever she speaks before the Senate or her own constituents. I have never commended Mitch McConnell for any statement he has ever made, except for shutting down Elizabeth Warren during the Jeff Sessions confirmation hearing.  I only wish someone would have told her to “shut up” during the Hillary Campaign. Prior to her insane campaign rants against Donald Trump, she was considered a possible presidential contender. I am so relieved that “Pocahontas” proved who she really was during her defense of Hillary Clinton and the criminal Democratic National Committee.

The second Senator who must be silenced is none other than my own Senator from Connecticut Chris Murphy, the Democrat Filibuster stage manager . Chris thinks he’s the cats meow for the Pussycrats Presidential nominee in 2020. I can’t believe anyone in Connecticut can stand this hypocrite and nationally known idiot. He has become the clown face of Democrat resistance, and will go down in flames and national ridicule as his Democrat / Independent predecessor Joe Leiberman, who was seen recently as Betsy DeVos’s legal and Senate hearing adviser sitting next to her at her confirmation hearing. Leiberman was always a Republican in Democrat clothing.

I am a fan of Jeff Sessions for Attorney General and have written about my support on this site.  Trump’s appointment of  Betsy DeVos aside from donating $9.4 million to Donald Trump’s campaign, doesn’t have any qualifications to be Secretary of Education.  If there is enough resistance to her from  Education Professionals under her new administration  she may not survive a 4 year term. If she does survive, the educational system in the U.S with either be unchanged or will be shut down by walkouts and strikes by teachers and administrators country wide. Home schooling may become the method of education in the U.S if all the Public Schools are closed in protest.


L.A. Steel



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