Feb 07 2017

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Bernie Sanders and Arnold Schwarzenegger MSM and Bill O’Reilly are such incredible Losers



These two Trump critics are the most hypocritical, criminals to ever defile the stage of national attention. Schwarzenegger who has lived in the U.S most of his natural life still can’t speak English without a translator. Bernie Sanders the traitor and crook who stole $100 million from his supporters and ditched them a week before the convention. These two aren’t worth the mud on Americans’ shoes.  Schwarzenegger has destroyed “The Apprentice” . Without his Terminator Gun and script he is completely inept .  His term as Governor of California led to a disaster of incompetence, enough to re-elect Jerry Brown for life.

Bernie Sanders / Larry David look a like, has no right to expect anyone to listen to his lies. His debate over Obamacare with Ted Cruz on CNN tonight is a complete and utter Liar Fest on the Fake News Network. Both Cruz and Sanders can never regain their credibility, and no one in their right minds would listen to either of them. The Progressive Morons of the media have pulled out everything they can to discredit Donald Trump, and each time they do something more stupid, they lose more credibility with the American people. I refuse to watch CNN, or MSNBC, CBS, NBC , ABC they are all completely globalists infiltrated and paid off by Soros and the Deep Government trying to destroy Trump before he begins his term in office.

Fox News  isn’t wrapped too well either. Their greatest idiot, Bill O’Reilly is the last sex offender still left on Fox News. In his recent incoherent interview with Donald Trump, that has been edited and cut up into mini pieces for all the networks to use, tried to get Trump to admit that Vladimir Putin is a murderer.  O’Reilly’s arrogance and stupidity know no limits. I believe Trump should do no interviews with any network, and announce all of his statements on the internet , his Face Book page, and replace the W.H. Press Corp with Independent Bloggers and news outlets.

Kelly Anne Conway and Steve Bannon should do their own internet show, and damn the Media. They honestly do not need them. Everyone in the Main stream media have  proven how false and corrupt they all are.

L.A. Steel

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