Feb 06 2017

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Poor Donald Trump. He ran for President, Won, and expected he would have a somewhat functioning government to be in charge of. What he got is not at all what he expected. There are over 3 million government employees. Not even half of these employees voted for Trump. The vast majority of government workers today were added by G.W Bush and Barack Obama. These are career military and Neocon corrupted cohorts of the Military Industrial Complex, who have overpaid for every item ordered by the military. Donald Trump choked when he saw that Boeing was charging 4 billion dollars for their new Air Force One, and Lockheed Martin is $150 billion over budget on the F-35 super fighter,years behind schedule and an estimated cost of $1.5 Trillion before production is complete.

These companies and other military contractors have been milking the American Taxpayer since the Revolutionary War. Someone made the cannons, cannon balls, muskets, gunpowder and ammunition. Why should anyone expect anything less of them now. I admire Donald Trump’s promise to “Drain the Swamp”, I hope he realizes that their are a lot of  snakes, alligators , animals and algae, that have made a comfortable habitat for themselves and will not give it up without serious resistance. Every government hack and hacker is looking for a way to resist Trump’s executive orders and do nothing or little to support his Administration. I understand why he instructed his appointees, that he expected a 20% cut in government workers. This is an old Jack Welsh General Electric tactic of takeover success. He believed that the bottom 20% of producers in any company he managed should be fired. He was never known as a nice guy. The difference with Jack Welsh’s management style and Donald Trump’s is that most of the people that work for Trump , like him, and many of his famous friends say publicly,” he is a nice guy.”

I wish to encourage Donald Trump’s remarkable team of Imagineers. Steve Bannon understands that the working class American regardless of his race or political party is being ignored and abused by the current government. I do not see any “ALL WHITE GROUPS” marching in the streets of every sanctuary city in the country. I do not see any Neo Nazis groups stomping through the streets beating up Pussycrats and other protesters. We hear news reports of Jewish synagogues or burial grounds are being defaced with swastikas.  Only the Soros backed anarchists would be willing to deface these sites as diversions to blaming anti Jewish groups. Soros is a Jew who admitted he freely collaborated with the Nazis in his concentration camp.  Trump’s daughter is a converted Jew and married to a Jew.

Dear Kelly Anne Conway is the darling of all Trump supporters. She deserves a better offensive line when she goes into these angry interviews. She needs to ignore all the networks who have it in for her. She’s showing a little wear and tear lately, and needs to take it easier, don’t let them get to her.  She “tore another one” for Chris Wallace on Fox, but she started to fray during her”Lib Media” interviews.  Honestly I laughed at the Spicer Spoof on SNL.  Alec Baldwin’s Trump was funny during the campaign but, now Baldwin just looks sick, moronic and pathetic. His writers  work for Telemundo, which is also owned by NBC.

Cheer up Donald Trump supporters ! We might not feel comfortable saying we support Trump publicly without getting into a fist fight or worse. I’ve been thinking of getting a “I LIKE TRUMP’ bumper sticker and a red MAGA hat but I think I’ll wait until the Spring, when Donald Trump gets his Cabinet Confirmed and has calmed down war tensions with the Left and Right, and Russia and China and Iran. I expect big things are going to happen and Trump will be Triumphant.  I’m looking forward to getting the bumper sticker.

L.A. Steel




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