Feb 04 2017

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When Will Trump “Lock Up”The Clintons ?

The Clinton family is the most crooked, crime ridden family in the United States. This has been proven time and again though out the Clintons’ careers in government , even to the petty theft of White House furniture and renting out the Lincoln Bedroom to large campaign donors during the Clinton presidency.  The Clinton Foundation has been cited by the FBI as a “Criminal Enterprise” laundering money and selling government access to the Sec.of State’s office.  Billionaire and Nazi concentration camp collaborator George Soros  who has been expelled by Russia and other Eastern European countries for undermining their governments to manipulate their currencies (which is how he made his billions) is the most notorious traitor to America, and is proven to be undermining American democracy. He is Chelsea Clinton’s husband’s uncle, and the largest donor to the Hillary Campaign in 2016, donating over $13 million dollars and still paying anarchists to cause violence, riots and disruption around the country, to intimidate lawmakers and oppose the Trump Administration.

The recent barrage of Twitter attacks by Chelsea Clinton against Kelly Ann Conway, is a bold and very stupid mistake. Chelsea and the Clinton Foundation are currently under investigation by the FBI, and the former CEO Eric Braverman is currently under FBI protection, and has not been seen or heard from since October 2016. Questions have been raised that he might have been murdered by the Clintons as 6 other witnesses against them have been in the last year. Donald Trump is waiting for Jeff Session’s confirmation, and the rest of his Cabinet before he lives up to his biggest campaign promise, to  ” Lock Her Up!” Trump’s keeping James Comey as FBI Director , is a clue that his delay may only be a shrewd tactic to, wait and see all the information the FBI has accumulated against the Clintons, and have Jeff Sessions appoint  a Grand Jury and Special  Prosecutor. This will keep the Clintons in their Chapaqua hideout for the rest of the the year, or until they are arrested and forced to appear in court for arraignment.

Chelsea Clinton will go down in history as the most stupid offspring of any former presidential families. Her sudden attacks against Kelly Anne Conway and the Trump Administration has been noted by Trump Supporters and we all have only contempt for Chelsea and her family. Good advise to the Clintons would be to shut the hell up and stay the hell out of politics, before the hatred of the American people towards the  Clinton Family is re-flamed in the Media, and the American hatred and contempt for them will bring them all down to grovel for mercy. Goodbye Chelsea, may you and your Soros relatives run and hide in a country with non extradition to the U.S , because your freedoms in the U.S will soon come to a very abrupt ending.

L.A. Steel



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