Feb 03 2017

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Will God Save America and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Ratings ?



If anyone ever doubted that God has a sense of humor, yesterday’s National Prayer Breakfast might have proved it.  The election of Donald Trump as President was a sure way of proving God has a sense of humor, and Donald Trump’s jab at Arnold Schwarzenegger, asking the country to pray for an increase in ratings for the “Apprentice” was funny.  Trump’s swipe at political correctness has become his international trademark, and except for Pussycrats and other Trump haters I think most Americans got a big laugh at Trump’s remarks, and approve of his continual criticism of Congress and the Obama administration’s bad trade and foreign policies agreements.

I fully agreed with his “bad deal ” comment to the Australian Prime Minister for refusing to take stranded refugees off the coast of Australia , because of one of Obama’s last land mine deals designed to blow up in Trump’s face, that the U.S would take those refugees.  Obama left many last minute land mines unknown to Trump’s administration including this one, and the imminent explosion of Obamacare.   Australia has one of the strictest immigration policies in the world as does New Zealand. I respect their policies and would like to see many of them implemented in the U.S. However under the general policies of the previous Pussycrat administration and congressional leadership, broader restrictions on immigration have been thwarted by the opposition party and America now faces an immigration crisis of over 11 million illegal immigrants living in the U.S and more coming across our unprotected border daily.  It must stop or the U.S will be over runned by hordes of undocumented, illegal immigrants and criminals taking advantage of Sanctuary Cities and open border policies.

God does have a sense of humor, though maybe not as politically correct as some people think it should be. God allows humanity to set its own direction, and inspires believers to adhere to a moral and courageous course. Only when men and women move against these values of decency and moral integrity do we lose our national identity and soul. Americans have elected Donald Trump as a statement to Pussycrats and globalists of the world, that the majority of Americans are fed up with the New World Order of Idiots trying to dictate to Americans that they must accept their  domestic and foreign policies that are designed to ruin our national sovereignty, destroy industries, and steal our national wealth in global wars of empire building and wrongful invasions and political undermining of other sovereign nations. America is not and never was meant to be under our Constitution the “Policeman of the World”.  Our Constitution is an a statement and law for all Americans and to every nation in the world , that we are not to be involved with international wars and subversive actions that interfere with other nations , unless nations directly threaten us or our allies.

As an American who has honored his country and values his citizenship, I condemn all who would pervert and distort, and destroy those values, integrity and courage that has made America the envy of the world, and now has allowed itself to become the laughing stock of the world, because of our incompetent and corrupt leadership over the last 50 years. Donald Trump has promised the American people that he will do all he can with our support to abolish or correct all the failing policies that have turned America into the patsy and laughing stock of the world. He promised to ” Make America Great Again” and most Americans want him to keep his promises. All recent polls by the Lost Liberal Media are inaccurate, and are the same pollsters used by the corrupt Democrat Party during the elections and the corrupt media.  Believe in your heart and soul that America will be greater than ever before, once the Pussycrats in our nation get a set of balls and stand up with  Donald Trump against the globalist tyrants and hidden government that are inciting riots and promoting ridicule against Donald Trump and all of his supporters. Damn  them, and may they and every Hillary supporter and Pussycrat in the Country and around the world, be silenced by embarrassment and realization that their ideals and anarchy will only destroy them. Real Americans will no longer tolerate outrageous violence against them and their property and institutions. The celebrated intelligence of the “Progressive Elitist academics and a media have come to a critical point in world and national observation of the stupidity, insanity and absolute irrelevance to national policy, national ideals, and national and international scorn and hatred of them.

God has a great sense of humor, but he also has a great anger against all who would turn against him. The Pussycrats in America and in Europe who suckle the withered breasts of Globalism, are beginning to realize how malnourished they are, and how abused they have been by callous and wicked parents that have withheld their freedom, education, prosperity and health and put them in chains of ignorance, apathy, and submitted their once great cultures and nations to unbearable invasions by angry, illiterate, poor and unable to assimilate immigrants and refugees from Middle East and Third world countries, that murder them in their sleep, and at their markets and destroy their most cherished cultural treasures.

Donald Trump may not have the bleached white polished teeth of Barack Obama , but Donald Trump has perfected a far greater bite than Obama.  Donald Trump is a Lion among men whose fangs and claws were sharpened by his international successful business experiences, and are now being used in defense of America against all of its enemies within and outside of the U.S. His rough and often times rude bluntness spoken against his opponents has ingratiated him to his supporters who, believe they can no longer tolerate being governed or assaulted by Pussycrats and their insane followers.  Get real . Pussycrats will be defeated by the righteous indignation of the majority of Americans, and the main stream media is crushed under its own weight of corruption and irrelevance.

I trust that Donald Trump is the right person in the Presidency for this time in American History. I question some of his decisions however, I do not have the entire government at my disposal for gathering intelligence and threat assessments against the nation.  Fools like John McCain have proven time and again their treason against the U.S, in war and as a senator. His stupidity has cost the lives and livelihoods of thousands of military men and women, from his first betrayals during the Vietnam War and his bungling and treasonous incompetence during the deliberation with Vietnam for the release of POWs and MIA. These were his most contemptible stands against the American Veterans, and as Chairman of the Veterans Committee allowed the V.A. Hospitals and administration to be a national scandal as the worst runned ever, leading to the deaths and miss treatment of hundreds of thousands of Veterans. Fools like John McCain and his friends are the most damnable members of Congress who have been and still are the leading obstructionists of Veteran Care, and to the leadership of Donald Trump.    Drain the Swamp of Republican and Democrat Pussycrats and all the Castrati members of the Congressional Chorus singing chants against Donald Trump and all the American people who voted him into office.  I do not understand how John McCain can retain his seat in the Senate without voter fraud in Arizona. If God does have a sense of political humor he will let John McCain trip over his own tongue and be destroyed by his own blatant stupidity.  God Bless America and get rid of all Pussycrats and idiots in our country and government.

L.A. Steel

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