Feb 13 2017

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A Tribute To The Recent Grammy Awards and Winner’s


Here is a picture of the Grammy Awards winners from last night.  The only thing missing from the awards show was beastiality, however some of the performances and performers were obscene enough to be considered Beastial, but that doesn’t mean anything for the Music and Movie Industry, where bondage, drug addiction, pornography and pedophilia are considered normal.   Those “celebs’ who mock and insult Donald Trump and his supporters with vulgar , racist and obscene and threatening statements and performances, while prancing around on stage and the Red Carpet half naked with pornographic poses in clownish couture costumes, proves how far down the Satanic hole the Music Industry has fallen. Anyone attending who joined these abhorrent examples of decadent Democrats and perverted morality , have no right to hurl insults at anyone and should expect severe fallout to their record sales and careers.

Those sick “celebs” and all others like them will soon suffer such a severe blow back from the American people , they won’t know what hit them.  I for one and several people I know have and will continue to expand our boycotts of all vocal Anti Trump “Celebs”, their music, movies, books, or anything they do. These “entertainers” are not entertainers , they are globalist, demonic icons of immorality, determined to denigrate and destroy all moral fabric and nationalistic pride . It is time to come down hard on these idiots and insane narcissists, and condemn them and their insanity. If Donald Trump arrests Hillary and Bill Clinton, the corrupt queen and king of these celebrities, as he promised the American people he would, then we will see the mass exodus of celebrities and refugees, treasonous Pussycrats, Republicans and anarchists to Canada, or non extradition countries. Then America will be great again.

L.A. Steel





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