Mar 11 2008

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Enter with me. Let us descend into the void of nonexistence, to experience the last feeling; as we fall into the far , far , descent of nothingness. Watch carefully as the darkness sparkles with delight, and the void of breathless air creates a vacumn in our hearts, and minds; as we descend further down.

We descend. Our only destination is down, forever down,and downward; until we know no direction. We descend at excelerating speed into an eternal abyss. We are alive , and dead, full, and empty, frightened and fearless, hopeless, and hopeful. Forms and figures float downward, and stay still; until they learn the way to alter their descent. Some climb upwards, into the emptyness unaware; that upward no longer exists for them.

Faces and forms of the past and future, are present, but without light, they can not be seen. They float downward with us. There is no sound in non existence. There are no screams.There is no time, or space, or anything , but downward, downward, downward. Dark, deep, and delusional, is the struggle we create, resisting our descent. We will hold hands in the dark, as we fall . We will imagine ourselves with each other. We will remember when light existed. We can stop our descent instantly, and return to the entrance of existence now, but we will not. It is not time yet. It is not time yet.We will all know the time to change direction; when our thoughts turn against our decline. Many who have descended with me, may not want to return, and will continue to descend ; until boredom infests their spirit, and all dark pleasures disolve to emptiness.

To return to existence is simple, it begins, and ends with your thought, of either reversing, or refusing your descent, into the abyss with me. Did you wonder if I could bring you back? Did you wonder If I would leave you, in a state of continued descent? If you are reading this; have trust, you have already arrived safely, back into existence.

L.A. Steel

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