Mar 08 2008

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Once upon a time, there was a very imaginative and inquisitive young girl, who asked so many questions to her parents , they could not answer her anymore. As she grew older she had more and more questions she had to ask. She would ask a question and receive an answer, then ask another question about the answer she received. This became very annoying to her parents and to her teachers, until all ignored her questions. This made the young girl angry and frustrated so she would go to her town’s library to read books to get her answers. But often the answers she found only led to more questions. By the time she was a teenager she had asked everyone she knew so many questions, they no longer spoke to her and would ignore her and her school mates would run away from her. Boys were afraid of her because she was too smart. They were afraid she would ask them questions they could not answer . Boys worried she would make them look dumb in front of their friends and teachers. Girls would insult her and call her names because she always asked them questions and was the smartest girl in class. The young girl could not understand why no one like her.

When the young girl became lonely or sad she would go to a special place, where no one could find her. Not far from her home across a large planted field was a hill, that stood high over the entire town . The hill was green with fresh grass and dotted with wildflowers and had a small stream,that ran down the hill to a meadow. Several large trees towered over her as she would sit on the soft grass. Many different birds would sing and fly near by. It was a perfect place for her to go when she felt ignored by everyone.

Before the sun set in the afternoon she would walk home . When her parents asked her where she had been she would always tell them she was at the library . Her parents would smile at her and tell her how smart she was and commend her for doing so well in school and spending so much time studying. They were pleased she no longer looked to them to answer all her questions.

It was true that she went to the library every day. She would borrow books and go to her special place at the top of the hill to read or do her homework. As she sat or laid in the soft grass she would dream of being loved by everyone, she would dream of everyone in the world wanting to be her friend and giving her gifts, and inviting her to parties, and calling out her name everywhere she went. She dreamed of being the smartest girl in the world , and having the right answer for every question. As she laid in the soft grass she would stare at the blue sky wondering how long it would take before she could be the person she wanted to be. She knew she would have to wait many years and graduate from college and wait even longer than that. She was a young girl, but she dreamed her dream each day. When people asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up she would answer them by saying she wanted to be the greatest woman in the world. Most of the people who asked her the question would laugh outright, or to themselves when she told them her answer. There had never been a greatest woman in the world before and they had no one to compare her to.

The young girl knew that to be the world’s greatest woman she would have to do all the things women do and much more. She would have to marry , have children, have a career, and be the very best at everything she did. While attending law school she met a young man who asked as many questions as she did , and could answer many of her questions as she could answer many of his . They realized they were perfect for each other, and could talk to each other on any topic. They liked each other so much they married and later had a child.

As the young girl matured into a young woman she learned by reading about and meeting great women. If she were to be the greatest woman in the world she had to make politics her profession. She realized that this was where she could do the most good for the most people. She was soon disappointed by the many difficulties she encountered as a woman trying to establish a career in a profession dominated by men, so she encouraged her husband to run for a great office and she would gain fame and success as his wife. Her husband was elected the Governor of their state then they traveled across the nation meeting millions of people and convincing them to vote her husband into the highest office in the nation. Her husband was elected to the office of the Presidency , and ruled successfully for many years.

The young girl who dreamt of being the greatest woman in the world became one of the world’s most famous women. While her husband was President he was caught having an affair with a young women and many rumors were spread thoughout the country. Shame was felt by all yet the woman with the dream remained silent in her criticism of her husband and stood by him against his many enemies. All the world believed they would divorce, but she surprized everyone by forgiving him for the affair and indiscretion. She stated to the world that she still loved him and would not leave him.

Shortly after her husband finished his term as President she felt a great need to seek rest and solitude. She decided to return to her home town to find the place on the hill, where she first created her great dream. She had not been there in many years and wondered if it was as beautiful as she remembered. Once she neared her childhood home she was flooded with memories of herself as a lonely girl . She began to cry as hurtful memories rushed into her mind. She drove on until she came to the house she grew up in. She drove pass the house to the old dirt road next to the planted field and parked her car . She walked across the field and found her special place on top of the hill under the towering trees. She looked into the blue sky and thought of the dream she held in her mind for so many years and envisioned herself as the young girl who dreamed of being the greatest woman in the world. She sat down in the soft grass and thought about how far she had come toward achieving her dream, and how much further she had to go to realize it’s fulfillment. As the sun began to set she rose from the grass and walked across the field to her car . She returned home that same evening believing in the full realization of her dream. She saw herself clearly as President of the nation.

Within several years from that day the woman with the great dream became the President of her country. She served her nation well and was loved and admired around the world for her great leadership and was thought of by everyone, as the greatest woman in the world.


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