Mar 15 2008

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I have to admit Eliot, she is an attractive young girl, but $4300.00 is a lot of money for an hour in the sack. I was at a convenience store a few days ago, looking at a few newspapers’ front page pictures of Eliot Spitzer, and Ashley A. Dupre; when a guy walks up to the news paper rack and grabs The Daily News, laughing and says , “I wonder what 4300 buys? She must be really good.” I replied, “He would of been better off to put on a disguise , go to a strip club , and get a lap dance for 20 bucks.” After I said that , I thought of how many millions of conversations like that one must of taken place that day.

Since then the radio and television news coverage of Ashley and Eliot has been endless . Every woman television commentator has condemned Eliot, and every male commentator has smirked and shook his head , while calling Eliot an idiot. I read today that the Emperor’s Club website has exploded with visitors , an increase of 37,000 % in visitors. Ashley’s My Space web site , has broken My Space visitor records.

Why shouldn’t their be profound interest in Eliot and Ashley. It’s human , it’s funny, and at the same time tragic. Few people in power in the 21st century deserved a fall from grace more than Eliot Spitzer . Few politicians had more enemies than he did. It’s not that he hired a prostitute that offends people , it ‘s his blatant hypocrisy, and out right stupidity, that bothers everyone. What kind of an idiot would risk his family and career and reputation and spend over 80,000 dollars on prostitutes from his campaign funds. It’s wasn’t clear if all 80,000 was paid to Ashley Dupre for her professional services. Though Eliot was her “Client # 9”. I have nothing against Ashley for making a living, by providing an obviously needed service. It’s just that Eliot has three daughters and a good looking wife. What twisted stuff was he really into? Was Ashley a dominatrix, did she dress up for him in a girl scout uniform and ride around the room on his back , with a leather whip, or use a cattle prod on him? Was he into affixiation sex, or was he looking for a strange encounter of the third kind? At $4300 a session it probably involved all of that and more.

No one can blame Ashley for finding and using an idiot like Eliot. She would have been a fool not to. She might of gotten $10,000 a session out of him, but she saw more profit in him as a long term client. Anyone who is a prostitute, or even a trophy wife , could see a guy like Eliot coming, a mile away. Ashley at the ripe age of 22 is a smart business woman. Her escapades with Eliot paid her well, and have now made her the most famous call girl in the country. $4300 a session is probably “chump change” for her now.


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