Mar 17 2008

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It has to be obvious to most well informed Americans, that Barack Obama’s former pastor Rev. Wright is a racist. Black racism is as common as White racism, or Asian racism, or racism against any race of people. Racism is a human trait; that will never leave us. It is a part of our evolution. There are different cultures, different colors, different languages, and different people. The great problem of racial hatred has nothing to do with any of the above. Racism is a learned behavior in all societies, and fueled by ignorance, religion, and government. One race dominates another, and the majority rules. Slavery is a biblical term. The Jews were slaves to Egyptians. Black people were slaves to stronger black people, and sold to white men by black chieftains.

It is not the acknowledgement of one race from another; that causes racial tensions. It is the hypocrisy of religions attaching themselves to a race; that causes all the problems. Yes, slavery is wrong, but next to death and the extermination of primitive societies, by advanced societies, slavery was a more practical , merciful, and economical solution; when dominating societies decided what to do with conquered people .

Reverend Wright overlooked the cultural unity and assimilation of all races in the United States; when he described the oppression of black people in American society. Every member of a racial , religious , ethnic, or economic, minority were forced to be educated, assimilated and made productive members of the U.S society. Most people marry in the same race and religion. All people everywhere are distinguished by their color, culture, and religion. All people have indiosyncricies that identify their race or religion. History has countless examples of races living harmoniously together in many countries. Today millions of people still live in slavery, but not in the U.S. Many African nations condone men as economic slaves and women as sex slaves and consider women as property.

Racial hatred is a learned behavior in humans. We must be taught by others to hate another human being. The Reverend Wright teaches racial hatred against white Americans. Reverend Wright states that he is a Christian, but perverts Christ’s teachings and ignores the Golden Rule, ‘ Love thy neighbor as thyself. ” Reverend Wright is a Black racist, and everyone knows it; who has heard his speeches. Barack Obama states Reverend Wright is his spiritual councilor, and has been for 20 years. White people as well as all people have the right to ask Barack Obama what his spiritual adviser , has been advising him if he expects to run for the office of President of the United States. Millions of Americans of all races were willing to accept Obama without prejudice, but now theseAmericans must seriously worry if Obama is really a black racist. Does he want to destroy White Americans.? Could he become a socialist dictator and enact ethnic cleansing policies and create greater racial tensions in the U.S and around the world? As a white man in America , I must ask these questions. If they are left unanswered I will have great reasons to fear Barack Obama, and all who are advising him. As an American I can no longer place any trust in Barack Obama..


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