May 19 2016

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The Democrat Senior Sorority Sisters have taken over the Democrat Party and made Nancy Pelosi ,Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, and Debbie Wasserman Shultz the go to girls for Hillary Donor Hand Outs and Favors, now and if she is elected President. The Democrat Party stands for nothing but cronyism, voter and election fraud, elitism, big money donations, and out right incompetence and corruption, everything Americans hate about the Republican Party. That is why Republican leaders and donors have given support to Hillary winning the general election instead of Donald Trump.

The Republican Party is destroyed beyond salvage. They have exposed the worst of who they are without masking the slightest flaw. They are sold out, to the Koch Brothers and Sam Adelson. Now Trump has publicly sold out to Adelson, to help him finance his general election campaign, exposing his great farce of self funding his campaign. If anyone looks at Donald J Trump.com they will see a donation page, that has always been there since the beginning of his campaign, seeking individual donations up to $2700, which is the legal limit,unless donating to a Super Pac. Trump has never reported publicly his private campaign donations, like other candidates have. I am surprised no one in the media has called him out on this fact.

I honestly hate the two party system in this country. I hate the corrupt election process, which takes place nationally , statewide, and locally. It has been over 200 years since the delegate election process was created and has been unchanged since, and Americans have been poorly led because of this corrupt and elitist two party dictatorship. I highly support the “Occupy the Democratic National Convention Movement”, ready to disrupt the Democrat National Convention, and make Hillary Clinton and her zombie delegates stand down, and allow Bernie Sanders his proper recognition and his accurate voter and delegate count.  If the Democratic Party attempts to steal the nomination away from Bernie Sanders by corruption and rigging the Convention and remaining primaries for Hillary Clinton , then every Sanders Supporter and every American has the right to disrupt the convention, and the right to call for the dismissal of the Convention board and chairman,and their immediate arrest, for corruption and election fraud.

Hillary Clinton and her Democrat Party Hacks will forever be discredited, distrusted and destroyed in every national , local and statewide election. The demonizing of the Democratic Party and Hillary as their illegal nominee will forever cast the Democratic Hillary Hacks into an all out voter assault against them, the likes never seen before in American Politics. The Nevada riot is only a prequel . I can envision a complete assault against the Hillary Delegates and every Democratic Hillary Hack and supporter at the convention. I can also see an armed policemen and military presence surrounding the delegates to protect them.   If Bernie Sanders Supporters continue their outrage at the system, and Hillary Delegates, especially her Super Delegates, it will be amazing to see how few Hillary supporters and delegates  show up at the convention, and how many Hillary delegates will decide to vote for Bernie Sanders.

The Republican Convention will be a farcical stage production of “Donald Trump’s Acceptance of the Republican Nomination”, and his speech mocking unity and his Republican opponents. It will be one of the most anticipated moments in U.S political history. Mitt Romney has already assured the Convention organizers that he will not attend. That is the only thing the convention organizers can be happy about.

L.A. Steel

Independent,Write In , Presidential Candidate 2016










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