May 18 2016

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faces of the millennial news media


I remember voting for George McGovern in 1972, and began my fight, against a system more cruel, conservative, and more corrupt , than the G.W. Bush years. Richard Nixon was elected in 1968. That year was the year that ended American Liberalism for almost 40 years. The assassinations of Bobby Kennedy, and Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968,  and the assassination of John F.Kennedy in 1963, and Malcolm X in 1965 destroyed American Liberalism, and created the corrupt and oligarchic rule of the “Conservative” Administrations of Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, (Jimmy Carter), Ronald Reagan, G.H.W Bush, Bill Clinton, and G.W Bush.

Barack Obama has been a disappointment to many liberal Americans, and Millennials who, were old enough to vote for Obama in 2008, deeply felt Obama’s betrayal of them, when he escalated the military involvement of the U.S in Iraq and Afghanistan and kept Guantanamo Prison in Cuba, and left the Neo Cons in charge of the Military,and made Hillary Clinton Secretary of State. These were his worst decisions , yet foolish liberals thought Obama was doing a great job, just as they hailed Hillary as a great states woman, who virtually destroyed the U.S reputation as a competent power broker.

I admire the public expressions of the true anger and frustrations of the four Millennials here on The Young Turks , as they try to report and discuss the political events and ramifications of the Sanders, Trump and Clinton presidential campaigns with other Millennials.  Cyenk, the host of TYT was fired from MSNBC because he wouldn’t lie to his audience. Millennials as well as Baby Boomers and Generation Xers , are already use to profane liberal opinions like my own, and may have the same opinions themselves.  I wish Youtube and the Internet were available in the sixties and seventies, and eighties, it could have saved this country and all countries from the great ignorance, dictatorships, wars, and economic disasters during those decades of Conservative Tyranny.

Everyone must get real, and face the fact that the system is rigged, and has been since the advent of the Two Party Political System. Democracy in America is doomed, unless we destroy the Two Party Tyranny, standing on the necks of the American People.  This video of “The Young Turks” is a good example of the angst and arguments that are happening around the country in every home, and workplace in America. The 2016 presidential election will be the most historic in U.S History, since Jefferson vs.  Adams, or Roosevelt vs. Hoover.   Whoever wins the election will have to face the new Millennial Media, without censorship.

L.A. Steel

Independent Write In Presidential Candidate 2016




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