May 17 2016

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new donald trump campaign ad


This is really the latest Hillary Campaign Attack Ad. They are planning a $130 million dollar negative campaign against Trump before the Convention. This ad is proof to all American Men and Women how desperate and out of touch, and ridiculous Hillary and her supporters really are. This ad is funny enough to have been made by the Trump Campaign or Hillary and her creative ad crew have made the perfect JIB JAB women ad against men,(X hubands, present and former boyfriends, present and former male bosses.)

I think Donald Trump could come up with a great pro woman ad. After all, he owned the Miss.Universe Contest. He’s married to one of the top supermodels in the world, and he’s been married 3 times. These actors in the commercial have the dubbed in voice of Donald Trump, with every statement completely taken out of context. I was surprised that Hillary couldn’t get one of her “famous'” friends to talk against Trump. Where is George Clooney, Barbara Boxer, or Wonder Delegate Feinstien?

Trump can turn this around on Hillary simply by suing her and her campaign for slander and libel, wouldn’t that be a riot ? He could destroy her campaign by making Hillary pay for his campaign  Hulk Hogan recently won $100 million dollars against GAWKER Magazine.  If Trump and the RNC could get together and vent the real American Voters’ Hatred against Hillary, Hillary would be toast after the release of their first ad. There is so much usable public video and audio against Hillary, including the new releases of Judicial Watch.org. regarding Hillary’s upcoming indictments.  For some vain and foolish reason Hillary and all of her Friends and Super Friends think she and they are invincible. This new ad could turn me into liking Donald Trump. I advise him to keep telling it like it is (times 10) and expose Hillary and her Super Delegates for what they really are.

L.A. Steel

Independent Write In Presidential Candidate 2016






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