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Nov 01 2013

“Meldizar”, A Ghost Story by L.A.Steel for Halloween (audio)

New Spirituality Podcasts with L A STEEL SHOW on BlogTalkRadio MELDIZAR First published on this website on July 14,2010 as a short story by L.A.Steel I recall the entry way and the stone stairs. I remember the heavy bark trees surrounding the doorway. The cold , damp air seeped out as I opened the heavy …

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Jul 26 2012

A Reading of Thomas De Quincey’s “Confessions of an English Opium Eater” Part 1

Listen to internet radio with L A STEEL SHOW on Blog Talk Radio I first read this work when I was eighteen. It made a memorable impression on me then, because De Quincey was 19 when he began his life long addiction to opium, that was the inspiration to his philosophical and literary works. I …

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Mar 14 2012



INDUSTRY A short story by L.A. Steel    In the vast constant of industrial activity man becomes engrossed by the accumulation of wealth. Regardless of how insignificant the amount of money earned, it  is the foremost concern of an individual.  One dollar or one million dollars is the reward for someone’s ingenuity to accumulate or …

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