Jun 19 2006

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I wrote and published this article in 2006 after the invasions of Lebanon and the genocidal attacks by Israel against the Palestinians. In the last 12 years since this essay was written, the Palestinians have been subjected to far greater hostilities by the Israelis, more murders of Palestinians and evictions and theft  of their lands and  homes in Jerusalem and the West Bank. The Israeli establishment of the Palestinian imprisoned community of Gaza is now holding millions of Palestinians, who are continually murdered by Israeli settlers and the Israeli Military. They must be defended by the rest of the Humane world, and protected and given back their human rights. How can the Israelis, after what they supposedly endured in the Jewish Holocaust, create a Palestinian Holocaust , and the most racist, war mongering country on earth.

Dumb Ass Donald Trump has completely insulted the Palestinians by moving the U.S embassy to Jerusalem ,  insuring there will never be a peace with Israel and Palestine, leaving the Palestinian people desperate and completely betrayed by the world.  When I wrote this article I questioned what I would do if I were a Palestinian living in West Bank or Gaza and  realize today that If I were a Palestinian, I would be fighting and protesting with them, and as an American I have said all I can to condemned Israel and the U.S for their government sponsored genocide of the Palestinian people.

May the real God , not the false one of the Israelis , save the Palestinians from genocide and restore their country and pride fulfilling the biblical prophesy of the final destruction of Israel.





If I were a Palestinian I would be mad as hell. If I was a Palestinian I would be in full support of Hamas. If I were a Palestinian I would want the destruction of Israel. If I were a Palestinian I would want the destruction of all who ignore my people. If I were a Palestinian I would be arming myself and wanting to kill any Israeli who tried to harm me or my family. If I were a Palestinian I would be an armed freedom fighter. If I were a Palestinian I would be one of the angriest people in the world.


It is probably better for the Palestinians, that I am not a Palestinian. I might put them in more trouble than they are in now. As an American who has spoken to Palestinians of their occupation, I understand their plight, to the extent that I can without living under Israeli occupation. As an American I am ashamed by my government’s actions against the Palestinians. As an American I am disgusted by the malelected officials who authorized sanctions and ignore Israeli violence against Palestine. I am ashamed and disgusted by the apathy of the American people over the plight of the Palestinian people. Americans went to war with Iraq supposedly to free it from a genocidal dictator, but we support a genocidal Israeli government. Why would anyone or any government support the murderous actions of the Israeli government against the Palestinians? Who are these people in charge of American foreign policy? Who are these wicked international terrorists and mass murderers, who have stolen Palestine from the Palestinians and now are conducting a genocide of the Palestinian people? Who are these murderous Zionists? Who are these murderous Americans in our White House and Congress? Who are the Jewish lobbyists, that bribe and blackmail the U.S Congress, to support the Israeli genocide against the Palestinians?


If I were a Palestinian I would be praying to whatever God I knew. If I were an Israeli I would be fearing the God of the Palestinians, for even the most apathetic God, goaded and offended enough, will rise and place courage and commitment and faith in his people to conquer their oppressors. If I were an Israeli I would fear the vengeance of the praying Palestinian’s God. If I were a Palestinian I would be listening for my God’s voice. If I were a Palestinian I would be spreading my God’s voice to my people. If I were a Palestinian I would organize all righteous Palestinians to march against Israel in full force of their remaining millions, at first in a peaceful march into Israel to demand our rights and end the occupation. If that did not work and many of my people were killed by the Israelis; then I would organize all with rifles and guns and hand grenades and attack Israel with all my forces of remaining millions until either they or we were the victors. This would be a just fight. This would be a worthy battle. This would be a Godly, faith driven, furious battle for the sanctity of the Palestinian right to life and liberty. If all Palestinians were willing to be martyred for their right to exist then the world would be in awe of the magnificence of these people. Israel would then become the scourge of the earth, hated and despised by all people for their extermination of the Palestinians. If I were a Palestinian would I be willing to sacrifice my life for the freedom and dignity of my people and myself? If I were a Palestinian would I be willing to die by an Israeli bullet or bomb. If I saw my family or neighbors slaughtered before my eyes, would I be willing to fight for their dignity and right to life and vow vengeance to their murderers? As an American would I be willing to do the same for another American? Would I do so for a Palestinian? If I were pushed to that limit, Yes, I am sure that I would.


Everyone must come to this reality in their life. We must all justify our convictions and face ourselves at some time in our lives. We must face up to the awful truth of someone’s hatred against us , either because of our race, our religion, our nationality. The hatred is there, it exits. Will that hatred against us, consume us with fear or give us the strength and courage to defend ourselves, against those who willfully seek our destruction? This is why countries have armies, because they understand the possible threat to their nation and society. But the Palestinians have no military and are an occupied nation. Occupied and enslaved by the Israeli government and their closest ally the United States. Forgiveness of a wicked enemy is total folly, as you kneel and pray for their forgiveness, while they kill your family and friends and then kill you. It is better to stand before your murderers and fight to the death. I would rather die knowing that my murderer was also dead or will be disabled throughout life from my gun or knife or grenade, and that my enemy is haunted by his limbless horror throughout the remainder of his life. Thou Shalt Not Kill is a forgotten commandment by the Israelis and by their Christian allies in the United States. Do Unto Others before They Do unto you, is the George W. Bush Doctrine of Pre-emptive Strike. ” Do Unto Others As Others Have Done Unto You ” is the Israelis golden rule. “Do Unto Others To Defend Yourself” is the Palestinian golden rule.


This is madness or insanity, you might be thinking? It is not, it is simple reality. If faced with one’s own annihilation would we accept it willingly and welcome it, or would we fight until we had no life left in us and make our memory last in legends. If we martyred ourselves wouldn’t we want to do it destroying our enemy and eliminating the evil forever? This is the ultimate human question. Should we live and die without the right to exist freely as human beings, or should we fight to the death, all who would deny us our basic human rights? A great American statesman said, “Give me liberty or give me death!” I always admired that statement. Many great Americans put their lives at risk and died for freedom against occupation. If you were a Palestinian what would you do?




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