Jun 30 2006

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It has always been a question I have had ever since the Osama thing surfaced on 9/11/01. Why did Osama attack the U.S instead of Israel? (Of course there is no evidence that he did attack the U.S) Why hasn’t Osama sided with the Palestinians? Why have Osama and his boys been so focused on the U.S, when a war against Israel would have been far more conveniant and winnable? Were they afraid to risk appearing anti semetic? Did they fear Israel more than the U.S? Did they see the U.S as a greater threat to their Saudi backers than Israel?

As an American observer it just seems odd to me that Al-Qaida fears Israel more than it fears the U.S. Could it be that the wiley ol’ Osama isn’t what he appears to be? It would appear that he’s more concerned in fighting with a few Iraqis than helping out his Muslim brothers in Palestine. Al-Qaida likes killing Iraqis and other Muslims. Doesn’t it seem odd that Al-Qaida’s focus is strictly on the undermining of Muslim countries. If I were an Israeli military official in charge of Homeland Security I would be trying to find anyway possible to keep my Arab neighbors preoccupied by fighting amongst themselves. I would try to install a look-like leader to sway the Arabs to fight against each other, instead of fighting against Israel. I would get the U.S and their idiot leaders to spend all their wealth and weapons to war against the Arab world so as to distract and weaken my surrounding sworn enemies. By doing this I could continue to oppress and occupy the Palestinians and steal their lands without any opposition. Why not? It’s the Zionist way.

It always confuses me why Osama never talks about Israel when he makes his famous video appearances. I have often wondered if Osama was Jewish. His mother might of been Jewish. Does anyone know or has anyone even researched the Bin Ladin family to find out who Osama’s mama was? He has fifty brothers and sisters. His father had numerous wives,could he have snuck into the bed of a pretty Jewish women on one of his travels? I wouldn’t put it past him. Maybe Osama is really Morey Bin Ladin. If he is Morey and not Osama then it’s easy to understand why he hasn’t helped out the Palestinians and why he doesn’t mention Israel in his video performances.

It seems odd to me that a guy who is said to be held up in a cave somewhere in Pakistan could be so accessible to the media via the internet and Aljazerra. Who the hell is kidding who? Osama is an Israeli – American PSYOPS program no different that Al-Zarqawi was. Al-Qaida could have done more damage in one week to Israel to help free the Palestinians than he has done in 5 years fighting against the U.S. He could have concentrated his attention on the Palestinian occupation and raised more Jihadist warriors against Israel than he could ever do against the U.S and Iraq. It is too obvious that Osama is helping Israel; that is why few if any see him for what he is. But I could be wrong and misjudged Osama for an Israeli mole. Maybe he and his big bad Al-Qaida warriors really are afraid of Israel and they don’t want the world to think of them as politically incorrect. In today’s world the suspicion of someone being anti semetic is far worse than being a serial killer, G.W Bush and Neocon loving, preemptive war mongering, rightwing ,bible thumping , shit shoveling, bribe taking, presidentially pardoned, criminal politician, television evangelist hired as a Washington lobbyist.

So it is quite obvious to me that Osama is an Israeli mole. Any Al-Qaida boys who think Morey Bin Ladin is a trustworthy leader better think again. Until Al-CIA Duh and( O’ So Your Mother is Jewish) Bin Ladin start acting like a defender of the Muslim world, instead of murderers of Muslims and destroyers of Muslim countries I can not believe in their sincerity; nor do I believe in their existence as anything but an Israeli-American PSYOPS program, designed to scare the world into conforming to the Zionist vision of a one world government ruled by an Israeli Messiah named Rothchilde.

L.A. Steel

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