Jan 28 2015

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Barack Obama vs. White House Security



Barack Obama has to wonder what his Secret Service is really doing to protect him and his family in the White House. This recent drone landing on the White House lawn was just one more breach of security. It turned out to be a drunken federal employee who was operating the drone however, it could have been a drone with a bomb attached and landed on the front steps or roof of the White House.

Just a few months ago some crazed Veteran suffering from Post Traumatic Stress jumped over the White House iron rod fence with a knife, ran across the White House lawn , into the unlocked front door and through the front lobby and several rooms until he was finally stopped by a security guard.

If I was Barack Obama I would be seriously considering moving to a safer residence. It must have occurred to him by now that the Secret Service and all who are in charge of it may be giving Obama a message. It is always a breach of Secret Service security that allows a president or other high ranking officials to be assassinated. Amazing isn’t it?  If I was Obama I would be carrying a gun everywhere  I went and giving everyone in charge of White House and Presidential security a polygraph test and a complete background check, regardless who they are or how they got their jobs protecting the president and his family,

It isn’t hard to imagine that these constant breaches of White House security may be threats by those closest to the President, that he not overstep his authority granted to him by the bankers and corporate CEOs who bought him his job.  It must be a frightening position to be in, to owe everything you are to a few powerful people who really control the world.  I guess anyone in Barack Obama’s place realizes he’s not his own person, and when and if he does discover who he really is, it is too late to change. That is really a tragedy. Who knows who Obama would have been if his makers hadn’t made him The President, and how long he will last if he decides to fight against them the way JFK and others who shared his fate did.

L.A. Steel

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