Jan 27 2015

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Weathermen and Women and News Anchors from Hell



Since 4:AM this morning until my writing of this post at 10:00AM every local station in Connecticut is repeating the same weather coverage of the blizzard, without any mention of other states or other news from anywhere. These mindless local weather idiots have finally run out of ways to say “snow,wind and radar.”  What God Forsaken moronic producers of local news programs would insist of continuing, ongoing, non stop blithering weather reports from worn out , run down and weather beaten reporters hip deep in snow!

If the U.S was being attacked by nuclear bombs or the stock market crashed by 10,000 points, or a military coup was taking place in the U.S today, no one dependent upon net work news would ever know about it.  Even in good weather these blithering morons refuse to report anything but “Deflate Gate” or happy pet pictures. Recently one of the local news anchorwomen on ABC channel 8, who recently came back from pregnancy leave, insisted on bringing in her poodle to sit next to her while she reads the morning news. This is the extent of the insanity and stupidity of our local news media. Every station is trying to compete with each other for having the silliest, worst dressed, idiotic morons, they can find as anchormen and women, and weathermen and women, especially in the morning news programs.

The Channel 3 CBS weatherman is a flamboyant, openly gay, singing comedian, who announces every child’s birthday in Connecticut and anyone’s birthday who reaches 85 or older. He sings and dances in costume, and gets angry with any viewer who asks him to report the weather instead of being a clown, or any traffic reporter or anchor woman who gets more attention than he does. His weather reports are as inaccurate and irrelevant as he is.

The Fox News channel 10 weather is  the worst. Their chief weatherman has a voice like scratching chalk against a blackboard. Not only is his grammar unintelligible as he breathes heavily into the microphone, but  he is impossible to listen to for more than a few seconds without the viewer becoming totally annoyed and changing the channel. Their traffic reporter has been perpetually pregnant for the last six or more years she has been with the station.

Channel 4 NBC weather and news is as bad as it gets, on par with Fox news and weather. Their morning news and weathermen and women are truly forgettable. The weatherman is a husky , horse voiced, inept weather guy, who spends more time posting his kids and other kids First grade art work, than reporting his own hit or miss weather reports.   The station’s evening news anchorman shaved off his trademarked mustache, after it was revealed that he was the droll, boring, local news anchorman, who inspired the cartoon character of the local news anchorman on “The Family Guy” cartoon series.  Seth McFarlane, the creator of “The Family Guy” cartoon series, is a Connecticut resident.

The Blizzard of 2015 could be handled happily without too much inconvenience or suffering of Connecticut residents if it weren’t for the worst possible news anchormen and weathermen and women in the world broadcasting every minute on every station without break. If there is a Hell on earth I believe it is having to listen to any and all of the weathermen and women and news anchormen and women of Connecticut’s network news stations.

L.A. Steel

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