Sep 13 2014

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An American History of Protests of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars

War Machine Shut it Down



President Obama announced this week, that he has declared war on ISIS and will continue to support moderate rebels in war against Syria, and will continue to be at war for an indefinite period of time under his administration. By his own statements Obama has joined the ranks of war criminals G.W Bush and former England Prime Minister Tony Blair, and all other members of G.W. Bush’s and Tony Blair’s administrations. Obama granted amnesty and pardon for all war and domestic crimes committed by G.W Bush in 2012 shortly after his re-election. As a warning to Americans and as a protest to this new war against ISIS and intervention in Syria I am announcing my latest website category entitled, Washington D.C Protest Photographs from 1/18/2003 and 9/24/2005 Anti War Rallies. Also included with these two photo series are several articles I wrote and published in 2005 regarding the 9/24/2005 anti war rally shortly before and after I had attended it.

TheĀ  election promises of Barack Obama were complete deceptions to calm the anti war sentiments in the U.S. He has now proven his true intentions were the same as G.W Bush’s, the destruction and military domination of the Middle East. I dedicate this featured category on my website to all who marched to protest against the wars and criminal administration of G.W Bush for the last decade.

These photographs and articles stand as evidence for generations to come , that hundreds of thousands of patriotic Americans bravely marched against the greatest criminal U.S President and Congress America has ever known, to end the longest running war in U.S history. Now we must make our voices heard louder than ever against the current criminals in our government, who are stealing the future of our children and grand children, by committing our nation to the continued genocide of another people and civilization. We must stand against Obama’s and our current Congress’s insane war and domestic policies, and not give in to our fear of “terror” and our cynical indifference caused by the lies of criminal politicians now running in the 2014 Mid Term elections and in the 2016 Presidential Election. If we continue on this present course of global destruction by war and the oppression and economic depression of the American people by its government, without our opposition and revolutionary resistance , then we have no right to call ourselves American citizens, because we are not worthy of the title.

L.A. Steel



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