Aug 27 2014

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American Jihadists

american jihadist





Recent network news reports have stated, that over 100 Americans between 18 and 30 years of age have joined  Muslim Jihadist movements in the Middle East.  It amazes me how strange and vacuous so many young Americans are.  I see them walking aimlessly on a street smoking cigarettes, playing with their Iphones or crowded together in a mall or on a street corner with nothing to do. Unemployment amongst teenagers and young people in their twenties is at an all time high. In minority sectors of American society some unemployment rates are as high as 30%.   Rather than enlist in the American military they would prefer to join America’s enemies to fight against Americans. This is a sign of the times and a sign of the dramatic loss of the minds and hearts of our young people in America.

Youth crime is higher than ever. Drugs and alcohol abuse among teenagers and young adults is higher than any other industrialized society. U.S incarceration rates are as great as all industrialized countries combined. Currently over 3 million Americans are now incarcerated, on parole or probation and the majority for nonviolent crimes.

The over sexualizing of children, teenagers and young adults in American society is absolutely obscene, yet sponsored by all the fast food chains and breakfast cereal makers with advertizing targeting young people. The music industry is outrageous in its sexing up of young singers whose audiences are children, teenagers and young adults. Freedom of speech was never meant to promote criminal activity and pedophilia.   Child abuse in America is at an all time high as DCF is overloaded with cases of neglect and severe spousal and child abuse brought on by parental drug and alcohol abuse and high unemployment.

The public school system is deteriorating daily by the deprivation of funding and the government /political influences of elementary and secondary education, which refuse any contrary views of the official government speak, on revisionist national and international history and false science. Young people are far more aware of lies and hypocrisy by their peers and parents and painted over news reports. They will oblige a teacher or parent for a while until they are confronted by a lie they know is a lie such as religion, politics, or propaganda. Once they confront the offender and is punished or condemned for their suspicions, they realize protest is useless and dangerous and will only cause more pain and punishment for them even if the truth is fully revealed and presented. They learn young that truth is rarely discussed and only lies are told and rewarded in American society.  Lying to teachers, parents and any authority figure is generally always rewarded, and if they are confronted they deny their lie, or apologize for the “misunderstanding” a tactic they learned from parents, teachers, employers, politicians, policemen, or any authority figure.

A young mind can easily be enticed into being a warrior. Violent video games and movies attract the young mind by showing ruthless killings and mindless aggression towards a make believe opponent. Playing war or wrestling were and are a young boy’s favorite games. Venting anger and aggression against something or someone or competing in combat against someone was and is a childhood and adult fantasy, that has lately become a reality for many.  School and workplace shootings, as well as mindless lethal attacks on people in public places, such as malls and movie theaters are becoming more common in America every day.  Killings in many major American cities and towns are a daily occurrence, with the vast majority of murders being done to and by young people in gangs or gang related robberies. Murder is a gang merit badge and initiation. The American Boy Scouts now openly promote homosexuality amongst their counselors and  children.  Religions offer little or no defense against the evils of society, as priests molest children and preachers openly embezzle from their churches or fornicate with prostitutes, while preaching prosperity, bigotry and the Apocalypse to their devote parishioners.

I can understand the attraction to Jihadism for some young American men who are seeking adventure and rebellion, or who have a nihilistic view of life promoted by American society in its schools, prisons, media, music, movies, games and money driven madness of consumerism by American individual and corporate greed. A young American’s  attraction to being a Muslim Warrior fighting and dying  for God against the enemies of Islam, is exciting and a way to prove their devotedness to God and Islam by their martyrdom. This is a purely religious adolescent fantasy, playing the avengers of truth and justice against the hypocritical American Way.

L.A. Steel




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