Jan 22 2009

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The Party is Over




I have waited for this period of time for the last eight years. The Inauguration of Barack Obama marked the death of the Republican Party and the end of the Rule of Conservatism. No one was more surprised than I was at the resurrection of the Democratic Party. By all skeptical accounts I never thought they would do it, until the Republicans committed political suicide by their cruel indifference to the suffering of the American people and their continued corruption and fanatical conservatism finally imploded upon them sucking their party and ideals into the black hole of irrelevance.

The crowned Prince of Republican Fools G.W. Bush was hailed by shouts of Good Residence and waved good bye to with America’s middle finger. So long you son of a bitch and may your days be filled with self pity and misery. May your remaining life be spent in courtrooms and prison and your remaining fortune spent on legal fees and reparations to the American people and the people of Iraq and Afghanistan.
The greatest irony of Barack Obama’s inauguration ceremony was seeing Dick Cheney in a wheel chair. His lifting a heavy box containing his secret files and Halliburten stock certificates broke his back. Old George Bush Sr. walking carefully with his cane, symbolized the end of his days of power. Justice Roberts screwing up the Presidential Oath of Office was a somber warning to America of his ability serving as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Finally Ted Kennedy’s seizure at the Inaugural Luncheon signified the demise of the strength and influence of the old Democrats and their ways of weakness and willingness to sell out their country. Their weakness, incompetence and corruption have caused so many of the betrayals that have led to the current crisis of our nation’s economic collapse and disgrace of our international reputation.

As I watched Barack Obama take the Oath of Office and deliver his inauguration speech I felt like a warrior who rested his sword for a moment to listen to his new leader. Many of his words rang true to me until he firmly denounced terrorism and stated his commitment to continue the war against the Muslim world. It was then that I realized as G.W. Bush rose from his seat to applaud , that nothing has changed. Americans will remain at war, under the Obama Administration.

Beneath my breath I uttered , Mr. Obama you have been given your place by those who believed in you and those you now serve.Within a few days from this great moment of your life, you will be forced to defend yourself from attacks and criticism against your leadership. I do not believe you are a hero. I watched the former Presidents who stand as your predecessors. I saw how old and feeble they are. They are no wiser for their service to their ambition, only worn and weakened by their guilt and failures.

President Obama, your achievements will be great, but all who will suffer by your decisions will be ignored and forgotten. Hanging curtains in a homeless shelter was a great PR picture, but your history of voting for NAFTA, FISA and your most recent commitment to increase military forces in Afghanistan and increases in military spending , betray your mask of compassion and competence.
One of the recent dinner guests who attended with you the celebrated George Wills dinner of leading conservative pundits stated publicly, that you were an ” appeaser.” It is too soon to know your style of leadership but I hope this conservative pundit is wrong in his assessment of your character. However, if his assessment of your character is correct, you will not lead this country for long; before you are severely criticized and condemned by all who elected you, and our screams for your resignation and impeachment will be far louder than those directed by us towards your immediate predecessor.


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