Oct 19 2009

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The Balloon Boy Conspiracy


It is amazing that the U.S main stream media can spend two weeks of news coverage and devote all of its “brilliant” producers and investigative reporters time to uncover what 95% of the people in the country already suspected, that the balloon boy prank was a hoax and a publicity stunt. If it takes the network news and main stream press two weeks to uncover the obvious it isn’t any wonder why they could never uncover real conspiracies like 911 or the 2000 and 2004 election frauds, or the conspiracy of the Iraq and Afghanistan invasions, or the false flag operations of the Israelis Mossad and the CIA establishing and continuing support of Bin Laden and Al-CIA-Duh.

The paid off pundits, and bought off Blogger heads are making less and less sense. The chaos in media communications is lost in translation. There isn’t anyone left on the networks or in the mainstream press that tells the truth anymore,(if they ever did). Marketing of infotainment is the essence of news. More information is brought to the public by ads and commercials than by the news programs that are suppose to talk about news. I have had my intelligence insulted enough by the U.S mainsteam media and affiliated bullshitting blogsters. Enough is enough. I am boycotting all mainstream media and any affiliated network blog or website. All the news the networks consider newsworthy is on their anchor men and womens’ Twitter and Face book pages.


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