Feb 03 2014

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I Didn’t Watch The Super Bowl

I admit I have committed a totally anti-American act of anti consumerism by boycotting the Super Bowl this year. So sue me. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t sit through hours of idiotic ads or idiotic pregame shows like the “Muppet Pregame Show.” The Super Bowl hype and hysterics are proof that 100 million Americans who watched the Super Bowl are mentally impaired. I can’t under any circumstances understand why anyone would actually pay $2700.00 per seat to sit in a freezing open air stadium in New Jersey during February, and allow themselves to be accosted by 4000 New York and New Jersey police, TSA molesters and bag checkers.Then being told to use mass transit only, and not bring bags or snacks or even water into the open air stadium, that you are sharing with 80,000 other insane people. Those 80,000 people are completely insane, those 100 million who watched the game on television were only partially mentally impaired, but at least they were warm, well fed and probably drunk.

I learned from all the after game hype, the Broncos lost the game 12 seconds into the first quarter. Imagine if you were a Denver Bronco fan and had come from Colorado to New York only to see your team lose in the first 12 seconds of the game from an overthrown hike to your hero quarterback. The only way I could have even considered going to New Jersey from Colorado in February was if I was unconscious from a Colorado Wacky Weed High.

Now I understand why so much security was needed, including NORAD flying over the stadium. Those in charge of security must of known that each of the 80,000 people who went to the stadium yesterday and paid 2700 dollars to get in, had to be crazy and a potential terror threat to each other, and the rest of the population of New York and New Jersey. What better way to have 80,000 potential terrorists voluntarily be lock up and willing to pay $2700.00 per seat for the privilege.


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