Apr 18 2010

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Richard Blumenthal the Man Behind the Mask


The recent political decent of Richard Blumenthal is the unveiling of a well oiled political machine. His 20 years in Connecticut politics have finally revealed to all the man behind the mask, the honor stealer who would be senator. I am amused, at the irony of Blumenthal’s “misspeak” video performance, so shortly after Chris Dodd did his swan song. I have known Richard Blumenthal as the Attorney General of Connecticut. He has been in that office for as long as I can remember. I filmed his nomination for AG at the 2002 Democratic State Convention. I have interviewed him on my television program. I have watched his career with interest and supported him in 2002, and again in 2006, however since then I have not supported him. I have criticized his actions in condemning the sovereignty of the Schaghticoke Tribal Nation, and for the pettiness of his reaction to the announcement of several Connecticut female prisoners, whose poems were selected for an anthology to be published. His cruel remarks made on network news, stated, “The state will seize all income received by the prisoners from the sale of this anthology..”

The income from the publishing and sales of an anthology of Connecticut women prisoners would be completely inconsequential to the state or to anyone other than to the impoverished prisoners, who might have received a little pride and self esteem. This petty and cruel disrespect for Connecticut prisoners trying to reform their lives, proved to all, the true colors of Richard Blumenthal. If there was any real respect for him as a politician, statewide or nationally, the media would not have condemned him as they have. I have denounced him on my radio show numerous times over many years, but not until now, when the New York Times exposes him, does anyone listen. Remarkably there are still Connecticut people who will deny it and refuse to see it, or listen to it, especially the blind Democrats and brain injured veterans, who seem to think Good old Blummie, is one of them.
Perhaps the entire situation is blown out of proportion, but for a man who has run his political career based on a brand of integrity, this is no better than the Tiger Wood scandal. It is possible Richard Blumenthal was targeted(by the bankers, utility companies, tobacco companies, etc.) for spoiling their lucrative plans for screwing the American people. What surprises me is the quickness of everyone to condemn him. Perhaps it is confirming what they already felt about him. His holier than thou attitude, grates on many people. It grates on me. The great tragedy of Richard Blumenthal is that in his self righteous statements in defense of some Connecticut citizens and lobbying groups, he will quickly dismiss the humanity of others, by his callous decisions, defending the most politically beneficial position. Blumenthal’s personal fortune has never been made an issue in his career. The fact that his wife’s family is the owner of the Empire State Building and other prime NY City real estate, would appear to some to be a source of vast wealth; which would put Mr. Blumenthal’s net worth at far above the average Democrat or homeless Vietnam Veteran. The undisclosed privileges of a wealthy elitist, disguised as a Democratic everyman, to enhance his political profile is another element of hypocrisy, in the character of Richard Blumenthal.

I am sorry to see Richard Blumenthal’s face being rubbed in his own dirt, especially by the New York Times. I give his contender McMahon the credit she deserves for exposing him. As the chairman and co founder of the WWF, she has shown her skill in business and now in the political ring, as a fierce opponent, with the ability to “Smack Down” her strongest political opponent. She has proven her prowess however; her political commercials are extremely off the mark. They are trying to make her into something she is not, by testimonies of unconvincing friends and actors. If she intends to win, against Blummie, she must continue to attack his integrity. She must come out on a complete offensive attack, otherwise the Connecticut citizens will see her as a one hit wonder, without any substance, and allow Blumenthal to regroup before November. She has warned Blummie to watch his back, and not see himself or his remaining career in politics as a shoe in. The hardest thing for Richard Blumenthal to accept must be, that so many people do not like him. How crushing that must be to his ego. He should try being a liberal talk show host for a while, to see how lonely it can really get.


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