Aug 30 2013

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“WAR IS A RACKET” By General Smedley Butler, A Reading By L.A.Steel

This is one of the greatest anti war statements ever made. The fact that it was made by a Major General of the U.S Marine Corp in 1935 General Smedley Butler, a three time Medal of Honor winner makes it even more significant as a historical statement. Please read the history of General Smedley Butler and you will understand how remarkable this book really is. I hope my reading of his book does it justice. I have included in this presentation an 8 minute speech of General Smedley Butler’s, available on Youtube.com, that was the publisher’s movie trailer for the book, when it was first released in 1935. This short movie reel was played in movie theaters thoughout the U.S in 1935.

L.A. Steel

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