Jan 11 2006

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Alito is a Ticking Time Bomb


Alito isn’t just another right wing lunatic, at least a right wing loony knows that he is and is proud to be one. Alito seems to believe that he isn’t. His wife seems to think that she isn’t. But anyone listening to his evasive answers and whacko background has got to wonder what planet this guy is from.

Alito’s involvement with the Princeton ultra right bigot alumni review was a badge of resume mentionable honor for him; when he applied to the Reagan White House for a job. It obviously meant something to the Reagan boys because he got the job. Something far more sinister than his vague memory, centered around having the ROTC on compass was the real reason he was a member of that group. Princeton is notorious for its Ivy League bigots and homosexual, devil worshipping fraternity Cap and Gown. What a joke!

Alito’s record appears to be that of a strange fellow. He’s like the bird that flies in the opposite direction of the flock. He reminds me of the one black bird that sits in the opposite direction of all the other birds on the same power line. I’ve always wondered if that bird was being rebellious or if he was just dazed and confused, similar to the way Alito looked in the hearings for the last few days. Everyone who has watched this guy and listened to his answers has got to realize he is evasive and strange. He’s quick enough to cover-up an obvious error of judicial judgment, especially when his opinion was the only dissenting one on the Appeals Court. But he isn’t quite a good enough actor to cover up his feelings of insult; when quizzed for an honest account of his reasoning for many of his narrow minded rulings. Could it be his anger and intolerance toward women and minorities and anyone who might question his authority, is beginning to ooze through his pale fa├žade? Perhaps or maybe he’s just beginning to understand what the rest of the world sees in him.

The outrage isn’t really about Alito, he was picked by Bozo Bush, that is not really a great honor considering that Alito was the second choice after Mier and third choice if you count Roberts; but it is a chance at a prestigious job for the rest of his life. I’m sure his weepy wife is real happy at that idea. She’s obviously taken a few acting lessons, especially in crying on cue. Why does CSPAN have to keep her face in the frame, looking over him every time he answers a question? Is it to distract the audience from looking at him flop sweat and put up his nose in defiance when he’s asked a difficult question? CSPAN after all is paid for by the Government. I guess we lucky citizens should be thankful the hearings are being televised; but being a camera man and director myself, I can’t help but mention these obvious dramatic stunts. After a few minutes of watching Alito’s pasty face and beady eyes behind horn rimmed glasses, you just can’t help but think that this was the guy everyone hated in elementary school. The little nerd who always threatened to tell the teacher on you for something you did; unless you paid him off or beat him up. Maybe that was why he had a sudden attack of sympathy in his decision of the bullying case he so proudly sited; about Someone vs. Some Board of Education, where his decision granted a boy who was bullied to change schools.

The outrage in all of these hearings is that it seems that everyone in the media is calling it a slam dunk. Alito will be confirmed! Who the hell are these guys and why the hell are they saying this? Why are we citizens listening to these hearings? Aren’t we the judges of this judge? No, instead of we being the judge of this judge , a few crony, corrupted , self important politicians are going to be the judges of this judge, and based upon the media, who have supposedly asked the Judiciary Committee members how they will vote , Alito will be approved. Why? Is Alito really the best candidate this country can come up with? No, its the best candidate G.W can come up with. Unfortunately for the entire country the members of this Judiciary Committee are supposed to be the best representatives of the people of the U.S. If that is true than I’ve lost all hope for the future of my country. With judges Alito, Scalia, Thomas and Roberts on the Supreme Court there will no longer be a Constitution, a Country or any semblance of intelligent life left in our government institutions.


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