Jan 09 2006

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Alito is All We Need


I am so proud of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Yes such notables as Joe Biden and Ted Kennedy and Arlin Spector et al. Does anyone give any attention to what these guys have to say? The word announced in the main stream media is that Alito is a shoe in . How the hell do they know? I thought there was supposed to be a confirmation hearing? What the hell were we watching on CSPAN and segments of the mainstream news a lost show of West Wing or a new pilot for Law and Order Government Corruption? What kind of pompous arrogance or uncanny psychic ability do these yoyo anchor people have, to be able to announce the nomination of a Supreme Court nominee before the first questions from the Judiciary Committee have been asked?

Let us watch to see how rigged the system really is. Does anyone really believe the system isn’t rigged? Oh, they killed the Miers nomination. Yeah right. My dog would have pissed on that nomination. The right wing ding dongs couldn’t stand the thought of and were embarrassed by such an overtly idiotic choice for a Supreme Court Justice. It’s amazing that the most flak came from Republicans rather than Democrats. The near dead Democrats were lucky they didn’t have to get out of bed to oppose Miers, she resigned out of embarrassment. The problem with Alito is he thinks he’s good enough for the position. What he and everyone else seems to forget is Bush’s first pick was Miers! Alito was a distant second! Miers had no qualifications to be a Supreme Court Judge. If “Bush’s Best Pick of the Week” was Miers not Alito what the hell does that say about Alito?!!!!!This guy must rank somewhere between moron and complete imbecile!

Ok, so your thinking what did I expect from G.W Bush, brilliance? No but I did expect a better show. I mean if Alito is the best this country has got for a legal mind America is in the worst possible trouble it has been in since before the Revolution. If this is what it’s come down to what the hell was the last 250 years of American History about? Everything that was accomplished as a country and nation is all for nothing, and could be lost by the single vote of a corrupt, cowardly senator.

I’m worried. I’m more than worried but I haven’t given up yet. I think that there is justice somewhere in the world and I hope and pray that it finds its way back to the Senate Judicial Committee before these assholes screw up the entire American Supreme Court.


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