Dec 18 2005

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“The War is Lost and Not Worth Dime or Another Day.”


“Not worth another dime or another day” is exactly what the war in Iraq is worth, as well as exactly what G.W’s presidency is worth. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! George W. Bush stated the title of this article in his speech tonight from the Oval Office. His moronic look was as stupid as his moronic message. He reads a children’s tale of lies and deceit, trying to convince the American people, of the existence of a big bad monster under their bed. Let’s close the fearful teleprompter of fairytales and destroy forever the trolls and ogres that threaten the safety of our dreams. Let us destroy that evil monster that has stolen our freedom, to live without fear. Never in my long life have I ever felt such outrage at an American president, his administration and the complicit and corrupt congress.

In 1972 I stood at a George McGovern rally and waved in support of a decent man. We all knew, those of us who stood there, that Nixon was responsible for Watergate as well as every other illegal act that could be committed. But over 65 % of all the voting idiots in America voted Nixon into office with a landslide in 1972. The same idiots and sons and daughters and grandsons and granddaughters of idiots voted G.W. Bush into office in 2000 and 2004; with a little help from rigged voting machines, crooked Republican poll workers and cowardly Democratic candidates. Yes cowards! John Kerry and John Edwards were then and still are cowards! Any Democratic statements made now and in the 2006 and 2008 elections are nothing more than cowardly echoes of the Kerry, Edwards concession speeches. I see no one in the Democratic or Republican parties who could possibly lead this country in any better direction than they already have, and that is about as bad as it can possibly get.


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