Jun 17 2013

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I’ve decided that the world isn’t real I am. I have disregarded everything I know
about the world and realized the only reason I ever knew about anything was because I learned it by visualizing it or someone told me what I was seeing or hearing or feeling or smelling or tasting. All I know by my senses is whatever they tell me, but they tell
me what I’ve sensed, and I decide what that is based upon what I’ve learned from someone elses discription of a senusual experience, to what it was I sensed. Someone came up with the word for all of the 5 senses Taste, Touch, Sight, Sound and Smell. We base our most common knowledge on verbal discriptions that we learn names for, that someone tells us. What if all collective knowledge that we take for granted is wrong?

What if today was really tomorrow and the future was the past and the present doesn’t exist. We are either in the future or the past because the present didn’t exist yesterday and the future is every second I live now. So in reality there is no present. What is present except a name someone somewhere called something that does not exist. Why is so much weight given to something that doesn’t exist and was named by someone no one knows and said to someone no one else knows, yet what they said became the permanent name for the past,present and future and everything else we speak about? The world vocabulary must be over one million words with different meanings to different people, and hundreds of different ways to write those words, and many languages are not written. If I write omapkpannaiichipicamowintonatonuemamuu it might mean something to someone and if I said it means I love you in the kung munga lina language, someone might believe me and repeat the word to someone else and it becomes a new word. If I translate the word and place it in a new language dictionary I make up, and it looks authentic enough, then some people will begin to use the word regularly in their own language and it becomes a word of common usage even though I made it up. All words were and are made up by someone and repeated, then become part of common language.

If sounds become words or music and tastes become memories and touch become memories and sight becomes memories, all we see and hear and taste and touch and smell are recognized by our memory of them and how someone else described them to us. Red is red and blue is blue unless the one who first described these colors was colorblind and now the entire planet is confused by a wrong discription of these colors. We need a common language to communicate to each other, however there are so many languages most people can’t communicate with each other without a translator, and who knows if the translator really translates or is making words up and distorting the entire translation. Most translations do not do justice to the original language, so how can anyone expect to understand what someone else is saying or experiencing if they cannot understand what they are saying?

Many people will read this essay and will interpret it differently. Some may get the same message and translation, but others may get a different translation or interpretation and completely misunderstand what I am saying. I speak to all who read and speak to all who hear. But what they hear and read is completely up to them. I believe if I speak from my heart I will speak to other hearts and that will translate better than any translator. I strive to hear a beat and rhythm others will identify and understand. I try to express myself in words that are easy to understand and evoke greater heartfelt emotions and open expressions of honesty, love, truth, hate, confusion, disillusion, melancholy, anger, fear, surprise, appreciation, courage, honor, dishonor, shame, wrong , right, justice, injustice. These and many other emotions are described well through some words however, where the words come from and how they are interpreted by others must be controlled by the universe, otherwise no one could understand anyone, or anything. Why does mankind have so much faith in it’s own understanding of what reality is, when no one knows what it really is, because it is whatever we individually believe it to be.

I am what I believe I am and you are what I believe you are and everything exists in my reality as I understand it and recognize it. Reality is the same way for everyone. If we are to communicate it is only going to happen by my reality meeting yours and you accepting my reality because it resembles your own or inspires you to widen your reality by accepting mine. When we love we speak to everyone, when we hate we also speak to everyone. It is only when we are unemotional and clinical that we become unexpressionable and unimpressionable, we become dead. I have not died yet, but many people have though they may believe they are still living in their reality. But in my reality they are dead, and in other realities they might as well be dead, because they add to or express nothing and therefore are dead to those they do not affect. So my advice to anyone is to be alive,
stay alive by meaning something to someone else besides yourself. Speak from your heart and you will be heard. Live with meaning to others and yourself. This is the only way life has meaning and is the only way we communicate.

L.A. Steel

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  1. Clyde

    I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great.
    I don’t know who you are but certainly you’re going to be a famous
    blogger if you are not already 😉 Cheers!

  2. Quincy

    This site definitely has all the info I needed about
    this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

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