Jan 26 2014

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An Artistic Explosion

As an artist I have many works that are still in the process of being completed. My work is unpredictable. I have been told that I am unpredictable also. I name my work Trans dimensional. It satisfies the description I have of much of the work I do. Many artists use this term to describe their work, but everyone’s’ work is unique to themselves, and explains their own trans dimensional journey as well as their artistic talents in the medium they choose to work in. Trans dimensional Art projects the uniqueness of the visions I experience as I break through the illusion of dimensional boundaries, that blind me from the spiritual universe.

The Expressionist and Impressionist movements achieved this but the tools used were traditional mediums. The movements were met with critical hostility, however they transformed 20th Century art and artists into the exploration of abstract and fractal representations of their rapidly changing world, societies and technology. These master artists captured the beauty and the horror and insanity around them, and attacked the vanity of society during the advancing modern age. Artists broke all boundaries and taboos in art by using new techniques and technology to experiment with and create modern masterpieces. I am grateful to all modern and postmodern artists and visionaries, who had the genius and courage to see beyond the false horizons imposed upon their imaginations by their societies, and gave 21st Century artists unlimited vistas and advanced tools and techniques to expand art into infinite realms of creative possibilities.

Digital art and photography are the most versatile and expressive mediums to translate my trans dimensional visions. My visions are derived by self abandonment and an intuitive awareness of the illusions of colors,shapes,sizes,shades,rhythms,and dimensions, and I can best expressed them graphically through my computer’s artist software and my camera. With these tools I can project my visions onto a virtual canvas to create shapes and tones and shades of color and light that would be impossible to create in any conventional medium used in the previous centuries by artists. I can imprint or project my creations onto any surface, and expand the work into sculpture, a painting or drawing on canvas, or tee shirt or skateboard or car or house or building. I can create virtually any color and gradients of color without the mess and expenses of paint and brushes, large work spaces or canvas and paper. I was trained as a fine artist in several mediums while in college and taught painting and drawing and art history as a assistant college teacher. I am appreciative of the works of the masters, and I believe they would all have embraced the new and latest technology to advance their work and breakdown even further barriers; that imprisoned artists in the past and still do in the present.

Traditional artists and their art will always be valued and appreciated. Masterpieces are masterpieces of the period they were created in and the medium. Digital art and the advancement of tools to create it have been available for only one generation of mature artists, who are still studying and discovering techniques in this new medium to teach to the next generations of artists. Once the new artists mature in their art, and their tools and techniques become more sophisticated, the art world will explode in digital trans dimensional art, and the new generation of artists will boldly create and proudly project their visions of the present, and the future in ways and mediums still unimagined.

L.A. Steel

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