Mar 10 2013

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The Absurdity of a Jeb Bush Presidential Run in 2016


I saw Jeb Bush on one of the news television programs this morning, stating he wants to run for President in 2016, I almost barfed up my breakfast. The Republicans just don’t seem to understand the American people. Why in God’s name would they consider another brain dead Bush brother for their presidential candidate in 2016. Do they honestly think that Jeb Bush wouldn’t be completely destroyed by the “liberal Media” and be spit on at every campaign stop by every American who despises the name of Bush. I considered expatriating under the G.W.Bush presidency. I still hold that choice as a viable option if we had to endure another Bush presidency and Republican controlled congress. This country would become politically and environmentally uninhabitable.

The word hate is too mild a word for how the world feels about the Bush family. G.W. Bush is wanted in every country except the U.S for war crimes. His father should have been tried for war crimes against the Iraqis and Iranian people. Jeb Bush’s grandfather Prescott Bush was a traitor, who financed the Nazis in Germany and the Communist revolution in Russia. Jeb Bush as Governor of Florida, rigged the voting machines in the 2000 presidential election in Florida and illegally purged over 90,000 Democratic voters from the Florida registry, and had his crooked Secretary of State announce Jeb’s idiot brother as the winner of Florida’s election. Five Supreme Court Justices several appointed by George Bush Sr. ruled to disallow the recount of Florida ballots. Their unconstitutional action won the presidency for G.W.Bush in the dirtiest election in U.S History.

The Bush family has alway been a curse to the U.S. Another Bush brother presidential candidate in 2016 would be the greatest mockery, insult and show of contempt for the American people ever conceived. The Republican Party is a party of parasites and preditors hired by the Koch Brothers and other corporations to work against the American people. They are the cancer ravaging the body and soul of the United States. The entire Bush family have played a major roll as leaders of these cancer causing parasites. The Bush family and the Republican party must never gain power again.

L.A. Steel

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