Mar 09 2013

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“Little” Kim Jong-un is the World’s Biggest Idiot


I had to laugh today at North Korea’s child dictator’s new threat of war. Kim Jong-un is the greatest idiot ever, to be leader of any country in history. He even looks stupid. Only a complete moron would risk a nuclear attack against his own country by far superior forces. Even China’s leaders think Kim Jong-un is an idiot. I cannot understand why the Chinese government tolerates Kim Jong-un as their ally and neighbor. Why have the Western leaders ignored Kim Jong un and his father’s threats?

North Korea is a rogue nation with nuclear arms threatening not only its nearest neighbor and U.S ally South Korea with nuclear war, but directly theatening the U.S as well with a nuclear weapon attack. If North Korea was threatening Israel, I guarantee the U.S would have dropped a million drone bombs on Kim Jong-un by now, and have tried and hung him, or Israel would have dropped a nuclear bomb on North Korea. But for some reason this incredible, idiot, Kim Jong-un can continue to threaten everyone and get away with it. I think it would be wise for the Chinese to try and talk sense to Little Kim Jong-un, before he blows himself up and his entire country in a nuclear holocost.

If North Korea had any valuable natural resources the country would have been taken over by now. But no one wants to talk to the idiot Kim Jong-un, or acknowledge North Korea’s starving and imprisoned population, except the the idiot’s new friend, wild man and rogue diplomat, Dennis Rodman.

If anyone in North Korea really wanted to help their country
they would get rid of their idiot leader Kim Jong-un. No one would blame them, and most of the people in North Korea would cheer and be relieved. Kim Jong un’s replacement would immediately become a national and international hero, and be given the Nobel Peace Prize. If the U.N placed a bounty on Kim Jong-un’s life of $100 million dollars,instead of sanctions on his country, Little Kim Jong-un would be dead or in prison within weeks.

L.A. Steel

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