Feb 27 2013

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Giving Up His Fish Hat and Red Shoes

One billion Catholics have said AMEN to the rule of one of the most corrupt and evil Pope’s in history. He is the first Pope to have to resign in 700 years. They forget that all he has to really give up is his fish hat and his red shoes. Are one billion people in the world so insanely brainwashed, that they can’t see through this world class fraud?

Maybe the real God of the Universe is finally taking vengence on this Church of frauds and fools. I can not begin to comprehend the false faith of so many, or how they have lived so long believing in the Catholic Church. God exists, but he can not exist in the Catholic Church. If a god does exist as the inspiration of this church it is Satan. Only the greatest deceiver could get away with this great deception for 2000 years.

Let the world’s sane sing the requiem for this false religious leader, and his false god, and pray to bring about the resurrection of sanity to the world.

L.A. Steel

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