Aug 17 2005

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Slightly on the Left


Just slightly on the left side of sanity is a small and comfortable place where I often dwell. Yes, often in my normal everyday battle for sanity I retreat to this corner, just left of my center mind that seems to welcome me like an old friend with a welcomed inner smile of warmth and rationality. “Welcome my friend,” it says to me.” Welcome to your true nature.”

That left leaning corner of my mind is often softly lit. Like a small study in a large house, remote and hid away from daily activities of business and mindless living. In this left corner of my existence I contemplate the many wonders of my life. I muse with the wit and wisdom of great and near great thoughts. I think of left leaning thoughts that seem to so often occur to me from nowhere.

I do not consider my thoughts as liberal or conservative or sane or insane I merely consider them. What makes sense to me may make sense to someone else, but often what makes sense to someone else makes no sense to me. When I find myself in this state of trying to make sense of something that makes no sense to me at all, but appears to make sense to other supposedly thinking people, it is then that I involuntarily retreat to my slightly left side to try and justify or rationalize the thoughts and beliefs of others. I will reference many books on the subject or Google an unfamiliar name or phrase or philosophy. If this doesn’t produce the answer I need then I resort to deductive reasoning, and if all fails to produce an adequate and satisfying answer, I just lean back in the left leaning part of my mind and accept the possibility that there is no adequate answer to my question and accept my left point of reference as an eternal blind spot to understanding anything to the right of sanity.


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