Aug 16 2005

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Out of the Loop


Have you ever been so distracted by news and current events and personal events that you just want to shut down for a while? I get that way sometimes. Every Tuesday I seem to get more and more anxious and more distracted by the smallest things. Today I noticed a small sticky note that has been on my desk for a week with a web site to look up. I don’t know why I put it off until today? It wasn’t a web site I would recommend to anyone, even though it was recommended to me. Today I was annoyed enough with the note that I finally looked up the site so I could throw the note away.

Tuesday night is my show time. I generally am calm and prepared for the program by 7:45pm , show time is at 8:00pm. I have my articles and my guests all set I’ll do a mic check and get ready to go on the air. But between now and then I’m distracted by a million things, a million thoughts, a thousand new news articles, four or five seemingly important phone calls either to be made or received. I’m not sure why I get so buzzed on Tuesdays it just seems to be that way.

Tonight’s guest is Bob Fitrakis, lead attorney for the lawsuit against Ken Blackwell Ohio Sec.of State. Bob and four other attorneys sued Ken Blackwell for the Ohio voting fraud in the 2004 Presidential election. His book: “Did George Bush Steal America’s 2004 Election? Essential Documents.” A large work full of documents and magazine and newspaper reports that disclosed the criminality and fraud of all involved in the 2004 Election. A friend of Bob’s has told me numerous times that Bob Fitrakis should be President of the United States because of his conviction and honesty. Bob’s evidence proves the Bush administration’s unlawful election and implicates many others with factual evidence of criminal actions by the electronic voting companies in collusion with Ken Blackwell in Ohio and Jeb Bush and his cronies in Florida.

America is in a sick and saddened state, infested with bloodsucking demons in the Whitehouse cannibalizing the American people, draining the American treasury, warring with other countries, manufacturing false intelligence against those countries and then smiling while lying with slimy Christian hypocrisy and speaking as imbecilic, incompetent leaders. I am embarrassed by they who are using our military as their tool for their personal power and wealth. I am embarrassed by the media and those who distort the reality of our fascist state. I am embarrassed by the sheepish millions and idiotic morons who insist that G.W. Bush was elected. I am embarrassed to know that John Kerry took a dive and knew he was never meant to win. I am embarrassed to be an American with these pitiful excuses of human beings in positions of leadership in this country. I am sickened by the disease of false democracy and delusions of global empire. I am disgusted by my country and refuse to follow its present leaders. They are a mockery to all America was to stand for. A mockery to all decent people, they are a sham and a sick, dirty joke.

I have said enough, perhaps too much. Tonight I will do my two hour program on radio and shout out some more. Then after the show I will most likely, become distracted by irrelevant thoughts, drive home while thinking about tomorrow or thinking about nothing, or something or everything, hoping in some way I’ve made a difference, hoping in some way Bush and his minions might be slightly weaker because I spoke out against them and that America is slightly stronger and freer and all who listened to the program are better informed.


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