Jan 08 2016

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“Beyond Treason” is a Frightening Documentary (2005 REVISITED)




My entire adult life has been preoccupied with getting places and doing things for the sake of making a living or some other adult responsibility, but I never found within my realm of reason any compelling thought or desire to join the military. Some may quarrel with that statement and others may wholeheartedly agree, but not until I saw “Beyond Treason” the new documentary just released from The Power Hour Productions, could I ever give a greater reason other than that of a conscientious objector.

This documentary proves beyond any doubt the duplicity and ruthless, amoral methods and manipulations of recruiters, politicians, high ranking military officials, and the excessively evil or imbecilic congress and American people, that have murdered and are murdering hundreds of thousands of American soldiers and civilians, and eternally contaminating the entire middle east with deadly nuclear waste that can never be eliminated. Iraq now has the highest level of birth defects in the world, due to the incalculable amounts of depleted uranium scattered about the entire country from spent ammunition. Highly radioactive particles are forever imbedded in the ground and water supply of the entire country. The American military and government knowingly approved these environmentally lethal toxins to pollute and devastate forever, the land, water and people of Iraq and Afghanistan deliberately turning the cradle of civilization into an eternal wasteland dooming all soldiers and civilians who live in or visit these countries by exposure to these high levels of radiation and chemical toxins.

The treasonous actions of the U.S. government and military high ranking officials are beyond treason it is diabolical. Their secret policies of deception and unlawful use of internationally banned weapons and chemicals for personal and corporate profit are the highest crimes imaginable against humanity. If American people can tolerate these horrid actions from their government once they become aware of the truth, then there is no hope for America and no hope for the rest of the world. Unless people act in abolishing these abhorrent practices by our government and military the World is doomed to total devastation.

I am convinced after watching this documentary that America has been taken over by demons for the last fifty years. Every president and congress since 1942 has authorized the use and building of apocalyptic nuclear weapons and military tactics. Now we hear threats by Dick Cheney our Vice President and former corrupt CEO of Halliburton, considering new plans for a pre-emptive nuclear attack against Iran. What kind of Demonic Madness is this?

If anyone reading this article is a veteran of the Gulf Wars, I cannot urge you more vehemently to please get a copy of Joyce Reilly’s documentary “Beyond Treason”. Go to her website www. Beyondtreason.com and order one as soon a possible. Order this movie and other information regarding the” Gulf War Syndrome”. To all disabled veterans who are suffering from unknown illnesses Joyce is offering this DVD free to all who ask. Also go to www. thepowerhour.com and listen to their radio program that she co-hosts with her husband Dave Von Kleist. Joyce is an RN and served in the first gulf war and still serves as an army reserve nurse. She has spent many years gathering documents and interviewing veterans suffering from Gulf War Syndrome as well as veterans who suffer from disabilities caused during the Vietnam War from exposure to vaccines and Agent Orange.

Joyce will be on my radio show again this week , Tuesday night 8/9/05 at 8-10 pm on Wqqq 103.3 fm serving So. Mass. NW. Ct. and upstate Ny. I believe I have never done a more important program than this one. I do believe that her documentary must be seen by everyone in the world, at least by every veteran and every soldier now serving in the military, or anyone considering entering military service. I also believe that once they have seen this documentary “Beyond Treason” they will no longer serve in the military, they will no longer believe in their leaders, and they will use their collective might to destroy the true enemies of the U.S, who are the current leaders of the system they have sworn their oath to protect.


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