Jul 08 2005

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Judith, Judith, Judith


Judith Miller, the Weapons of Mass Distraction babe, New York Times made for TV sit com journalist, has decided to go to jail for contempt rather than reveal her high government criminal source, that outed CIA agent Valerie Plame and who fed Judith with all the WMD bullshit,which she so efficiently dictated and gave to her New York Times editors, who in turn presented it to the world so the great New York Times could become the perfect conduit for the Bush White House for the advancement of favorable public perceptions of the criminal war in Iraq. Judith now has the love of Rove and his band of merry men as well as the cherished love and concern of the castrate of New York Times editors, as she now stands firm and takes the punishment for her crimes, and the crimes of cowardice and treason committed by the Ball less Bush’s boys.

Please, feel no sympathy for Judith Miller, who so eagerly promoted the lies and deceptions of the Bush Whitehouse. If Martha Stewart served five months for lying to the Justice Dept. then Judith should serve at least five years for lying to the world and her part as a major propagandist for the most sinister rulers on earth since Hitler’s circle of administrative monsters.

Contempt of court?! Judith Miller is a contemptible icon of the American Propagandist News Media. Her prison time should be spent at hard labor and in solitary confinement, until she fully understands her crime of sheltering war criminals behind her nonexistent, first amendment rights. Her contemptible journalistic credentials prove Judith Miller to be a prime example and testament to the yellowiest journalism in American history. Judith Miller’s bogus time in prison is simply a sham, sponsored by the NYTimes, who are using her to try to win back the love and respect of the Bush Administration, (by keeping their dirty little secrets secret) and to win back the praise and admiration of fellow yellow journalists around the world. I wonder if Judith thought about how much George W.Bush, Karl Rove and her NY Times editors respected her? Especially after she found out her fellow yellow journalist, Cooper from Times Newsweek received a release from his source. I wonder if Judith was thinking of all her dearly devoted friends when the female prison guard asked her to bend over while conducting her full cavity search.


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