Jun 30 2005

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Little George’s Last Stand


Yes, it has finally happened. The time has come for Mr. Bush to step down and clear the way for the sanitation crew. His popular ratings are below 40 percent; his mindless moronic speeches get poorer ratings on prime time than a CSPAN Book note interview with an obscure author. His chosen audience of soldiers wouldn’t applaud his miserable speech on Tuesday night without being ordered to from their commanding officers, who probably gave the order under fear of their own court marshal. Yes, our pathetic little dictator George Bush has finally been seen for what he is. The little man, Baby George the Second, a man without a clue as to what to do to get this country out of the mess his stupidity got us into.

Somewhere in the vast U.S population there is a leader. Somewhere there is a man or woman who could possibly lead the U.S out of Iraq and has a vision that could create a safe and sound world for the remainder of the 21st century, but whoever that person is he is not in the Whitehouse or in the U.S Congress. There isn’t a single senator or congressman or woman who has the integrity, courage or capacity to lead the U.S out of Iraq and Afghanistan and apologize to the World for our illegal occupation of both countries. No one has the courage to place on trial Little George and his entire administration for treason and high crimes which they have so obviously committed against the American people and the World. No not one single solitary so called senator , not even one cowardly congressman will dare stand up before the people of the

U.S and indict their president and colleagues, because there is no one in the U.S government who isn’t dirty. There is no one in Congress, no one in the Senate who isn’t waist deep in compromise, culpability and criminal intent. There is no one who isn’t guilty or cowardly or committing down right contemptible acts, now sitting in both the legislative and executive branches of the U.S Government. The truth of my statement is self evident. Little George is the best example of leadership in our country and John Kerry the best example of Democratic leadership in the Senate and Tom Delay the best example of leadership in the Congress. The most simple minded American can read the scribbled handwriting of America’s desperation, scrawled in the halls of the Capital Building and written in blood on the graves of our heroes in Arlington Cemetery, who Americans dishonor by their indifference, contempt, corruption and cowardice, mirrored so accurately in the small and contemptible men and women now serving as the current elected leaders of the U.S government.

The time is now to purge our county of these festering pustules of corrupt government. Little George and Big Dick must be first to go. They must be lanced and the Whitehouse disinfected of all diseased residue. Then purge the Congress and Senate of all remaining Bushian pustules and pimples of corruption infected government. We have the chance now by the impeachment and indictment of George Bush and Dick Cheney for treason, war crimes and the total violation of the U.S Constitution and we can purge the Senate and Congress of all corrupt and cowardly legislators in the elections of 2006. Unless we do this we as a nation and people will become exactly what we deserve to be. The only hope we have is that it is not too late to change our destiny.


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