Sep 19 2012

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Romney’s 47% are 99% of All Americans

I have yet to see a more arrogant imbecile run for public office. There is very little if anything to like about Romney. He and his wife remind me of the characters on the television series Madmen. Their lifestyle, morality and fashion are a complete throw back to the late fifties and early sixties culture of Madison Avenue advertising firms. Their entire existence is dependent on the delusion of false values and Mammon the god of money. Everything about the Romneys suggests their divorce from the economic reality faced by the majority of the American people. Romney has no morality. His entire public and private life is nothing more than a series of manipulations and destruction of people’s lives and livlihoods. His cynicism was completely obvious to everyone in the Mother Jones video. He was talking “off the cuff” to wealthy donors to his campaign, each having paid $50,000 to see and hear him speak. He was speaking to his base, when he said he didn’t care about half of America’s population. He didn’t care about them because they didn’t pay taxes and were dependent upon the government. He cynically overlooked that all of the 47% are grossly underpaid, unemployed or underemployed and underwater in debt because of his and the Republican economic policies of the last 30 years. He knows that his and Ryan’s policies would devastate that 47% and ruin the remaining 52% that he needs to get elected. The only people that would benefit from a Romney presidency would be the 1% that he is a part of.

I am disgusted by Romney. His distain and indifference to the American people is sociopathic. Electing this man as President would be suicidal for America. His qualifications for the presidency are only, that he was the token head of the vulture captial firm Bain Capital. Bain was founded by an Israeli Mossad agent, Romney was brought into the firm because of his father’s connections and they needed a token figure head, not because of anything he was capable of doing. His obvious amorality, arrogance and greed were the perfect qualifications for the figurehead Job of CEO of Bain Capital.

So, fellow 99 Percent, where does that leave us? As disappointing as Obama’s presidency has been, four years of a Romney Republican presidency would be completely devastating to us. I know there are many people who will vote for this vulture because they are vultures themselves. However, anyone else who votes for Romney is a complete fool.

L.A. Steel

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