Sep 12 2006

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The American Media is hopeless. Television station after station, newspaper after newspaper all have the same story. CSPAN had on the 911 Commissioners to express their apologies for their gross incompetence. G.W had a putrid,primetime,political speech and ABC had a farce Fiction Docudrama . If anyone watched it they must of been captivated by the close up shots of all the conspirators in the Bush Cabinet. I was hysterical watching the passion of Dick Cheney’s character and his sudden malevolent wince as he asked the panicked members of the Bush Cabinet and advisors if they wanted him to take supreme authority in the crisis, while G.W was still reading MY PET GOAT. “We can’t bother the President until we have verification” Verification of what? Two planes had already hit the WTC. The hapless look on the face of the actress who portrayed Condi Rice was priceless. She should get an Emmy for her performance. Condi Rice should have received a Medal of Freedom that Bush handed out to Tenet and Bremer for their total incompetence.

I was very pleased to hear that the Green Party issued a statement yesterday stating that they want another official investigation into the many unanswered questions of 911. That’s great and about time it’s only five years and two invasions late. I noticed that the Subway Sandwich chain has a new ad that ran 4000 times yesterday featuring a conspiracy theorist walking into a Subway Sandwich shop with a video camera. He entered the shop because he suspected Subway of conspiring and concealing something about their sandwiches. He was right, they are covering up their Genetically modified bread, cancer causing food coloring, nitrates in their meats, salmonella on their counters and employees who don’t wash their hands. All the network news programs have done investigations on health risks of fast food restaurants. Once again art mirrors life and the 911 conspiracy is real.

There were two great tragedies on 911, the murder of 3000 innocent victims and the murder of the truth. Americans have been under siege by its own government since 9/11/01. 911 Conspiracy researchers have uncovered a vast wealth of critical information and empirical evidence; that the World Trade Center and Pentagon strikes on 911 were not done by 19 highjackers nor was Osama Bin Ladin responsible. Hundreds of former FBI and CIA employees have stated their knowledge of a cover-up by their agencies. The courage of these Americans is shunned and ridiculed by the tyrannically censored American Media and their brainwashed readers, viewers and listeners. To this day the FBI wanted poster for Osama Bin Laden has no mention of his involvement with the 911 attacks. Recent polls conducted by independent polling firms state that over 50 % of Americans believe Saddam Hussein was involved with 911 and over 90% of our military stationed in Iraq believe Saddam Hussein was responsible for 911. There is no evidence anywhere to prove Iraq’s involvement and this has been stated by G.W Bush himself.

The official 911 defense is a tired story, revised and re revised, cleansed and disinfected by the mainstream media and the misguided and patriotically blinded public. These victims of self induced hysterical blindness still refuse to see all the blatant lies told to them by this current administration. They believe that their president is a holy man and their government would never lie to them. Just as their priests molest their children and yet they also are considered holy men. 911 was not a wakeup call for Americans, instead it was a curfew call to close our eyes and lock our doors and let Bush and his thugs go unchallenged and unquestioned. 911 was the greatest act of treachery and treason ever conceived and carried out by a “democratic” government against its own people.


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