Sep 08 2006

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I like 17 million other Couri-ous members of television network news watchers, had to tune in to the CBS Evening News on 9/5/06. I was sorely disappointed that it had been so miss titled. It should have been honestly promoted as THE CBS WOMAN’S MAGAZINE . After 5 minutes of Katie’s cuteness and 5 minutes of ceaseless commercials, I felt that if was tuned into Katie for another minute I’d feel compelled to put a lace curtain over the television set tied on each side with a Martha Stewart bow.

The problem with Katie is that no one really cares what she’s saying. They only care how she looks or if she is smiling or frowning or what she’s wearing. Her interview style must be greatly appreciated by all hearing impaired, even without closed captioning. I’ve never seen her interview anyone without her being cross legged with an above the knee tight skirt and stilettos. Someone was so enamored of Katie’s legs that he created a popular website called Katie Couric’s legs.com .

I read that Katie’s viewership dropped by three million on the second night of The Katie Show. I was one of the those three million who wouldn’t put myself through the suffering again, especially to watch her interview Dubya. The only way I would watch The Katie Show again is if I heard that Al Roper signed with CBS to be co anchor. CBS would be wise to exploit close-ups of their newly purchased 100 million dollar Barbie doll with occasional extreme makeovers, many more leg shots of the perky, former brunette, turning blonde and blonder and by the end of her contract she would be platinum.

If CBS really wanted to change the face of network news they are doing a great job at it but they must continually change Katie’s look if they want to keep the ratings. Dress her up by some famous designers who contribute clothing to the show for a plug in the credits. Instead of the total copyright and trademark infringement of Free Speech TV. Katie’s “free speech” segment on the show should become a” Dress Katie” segment where viewers could email their dress up ideas to her and have her read them on the air. Then she could wear the suggested clothing on the next night’s show. She could feature Condi Rice once a week with Katie interviewing her about her love and devotion to George Bush and the latest seasonal fashions while they both model international designers’ clothing and high healed boot and shoe collections.

The end of the world of male dominated network news has arrived. Venus rules the visual air waves and all men must submit or be neutered. The only remaining refuge for real news, free of mascara, plastic surgery and Barbie doll fixations are male hosted radio news and talk shows.


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