Feb 18 2005

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The American Patriot Party


I’ve given this idea a lot of thought and perhaps more than it merits but I was watching the movie LUTHER the other day and realized, that if what he did caused the complete reformation of the Christian religion and breakup of the Catholic Church, then what I am about to propose at least merits some attention.

Those who have read my articles and have kept abreast of my current thoughts should not be too surprised by this statement. AMERICA NEEDS A REAL POLITICAL PARTY! You may think “oh no L.A has gone off his nut” and you might be right. But nothing revolutionary has ever been accomplished by rational, impassionate or inactive people.

What is a revolutionary thought, word or action? It has become almost ludicrous to think in any other terms today, when you see every country but the U.S changing governments either in a coup, or free election. Small nations and free countries are arming themselves to defend their people and property from Bush’s aggressive and imperialistic foreign policy. Are Americans so apathetic and sated that they no longer care what their leaders are doing? They are destroying our economic and physical safety with global conspiracies, mad ambitions of world domination and suspension of all freedoms and human rights. American Patriots must unite in spite of their conservative or liberal convictions to restrain and stop the great divide that is tearing apart our nation into a hell of civil war. This mad idea of a new party made up of real patriots,” A person who, loves, supports and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion. “(Webster’s Dictionary) is the only viable method of restoring the dignity and integrity of the people and the ideals of the United States.

L.A. Steel

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