Sep 17 2007

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I saw a remarkable video today . I admire the genius of the White Stripe brother and sister act. They have a new CD out called Icky Thump. I recommend everyone of my readers and listeners to watch their video spoof on Mexico. I think it is a masterpiece of social commentary.

I was a little hard on the” New Generation” in my last article, trying to equate my generation with theirs. There are a lot of incredibly talented, and remarkable kids around today. This White Stripe video and CD prove it.

I have hope for the future generation. I just wish they better understood the grave issues facing them today. My generation is responsible for many failures, but we are also responsible for most of the technical marvels we have today. We may be over protective of our young people, but in many ways they need more protection than we did at their age. We didn’t have 16 year old serial murderers, or internet predators, or hardcore pornography, or hundreds of television stations to watch. Our lives were regulated, but none of the people I grew up with were contemplating suicide, or suffering from severe parental neglect. We worked and played and went to school and most of us had stay at home mothers.

Many of my generation grew up in a Betty Crocker Society. We watched “Leave It To Beaver” and ” American Band Stand.” We thought the Beatles were cool, Elvis was king , and the Beach Boys great. Bob Dylan was my favorite, but I grew up in a town where I and one “far out” girl friend of mine were the only people who knew who Bob Dylan was.

I offer the “New Generation” an apology for herding them all into a stereotype, but not a retraction. The members of my generation are this generation’s parents and grand parents. Many were courageous idealists, with remarkable energy and ambition. My generation may have gotten side tracked. A few of them got killed, beaten, and brutalized by the system. Many of us did conform. But we gave the power brokers a run for their corporate money, and changed the world in many ways. It is my sincerest hope,that the “New Generation of Sheeple” break their bonds of consumerism, conformity, and mediocrity, and become an extraordinary generation of courageous and remarkable individuals, who will lead the world into a utopian future.


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